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Project Details[edit]

Kalna or Ambika Kalna, a town in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India is known for its beautiful Terracotta temples built during the 18th and 19th century. The temples have stunning terracotta panels depicting scenes from mythology as well as lifestyle and society during those periods. Although, unfortunately, many of the panels have already worn out, a lot still remains. The main aim of the project is to document these panels and categorise them properly with details like temple name, location of panel and the story it tells. If several old images of the same panel can be acquired, they will help show the changes over time. Articles on Wikipedia will also be created on the temples.

Apart from Kalna, there are several small villages/towns nearby with terracotta temples. These will be covered as much as possible too.


  1. Sumit Surai
  2. Indrajit Das



Kalna Mahakuma Itihas O Puratotto Chorchakendro

Contact Person[edit]

Biswajit Gain (Secretary)

Reasons for collaboration[edit]

Kalna Mahakuma Itihas O Puratotto Chorchakendro has been working on the temples of Kalna and surrounding places for a long time. They have published few books on the history of the region too. Apart from that few members of the orgnisation have, over the years, clicked numerous photos of the temples and the panels. They are ready to contribute them to Commons provided we can arrange proper training for them to operate Commons and Wikipedia.

They would also help us access books from the local libraries and use them for reference while writing the Wikipedia articles.



Workshops will be organised at Kalna which will cover contributing and editing on Commons and Wikipedia. These will help those who are willing to contribute their images to commons and also build pool of new editors willing to work on this project.

Library Work[edit]

Work at local libraries as well as those in Kolkata to gather materials and reference for the Wikipedia articles.

Temple and panel photoshoots[edit]

Once the initial contributions are in, these needs to be organised from time to time to fill in images of panels which are still left out.

Surrounding places to be covered[edit]

Apart from main Kalna city there are plans to cover nearby places which have terracotta structures. They include -

  1. Guptipara
  2. Baidyapur
  3. Ajhapur
  4. Kulingram
  5. Gurap



  1. Images of temples.
  2. Images of panels with proper labeling and description.

Articles in Wikipedia[edit]

  1. Bijoy Vaidyanath Temple
  2. Giri Gobardhan Temple
  3. Gopalji Temple
  4. Jaleswar Temple
  5. Krishna Chandraji Temple
  6. Lalji Temple
  7. Nava-Kailasha Temple
  8. Pancharatna Temple
  9. Pratapeswar Siva Temple
  10. Rameswar Temple
  11. Ratneswar Temple
  12. Rupeswar Temple


Please add your names below if you want to volunteer in this project. Also please mention how you would like to contribute here.

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