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The Board of Directors manages the direction and day-to-day business of the Wiki Project Med Foundation.

Board Members (current term: Jan 2017 - Dec 2018)[edit]

  1. Chair and Membership Admin: Shani Evenstein
  2. Secretary: Doug Taylor, M.A. (Cantab)
  3. Daniel Mietchen, Ph.D.
  4. Carl Fredrik Sjöland
  5. Jennifer Dawson, Ph.D. (from Jan 2018)
  6. Indira Gowda (from Jan 2018)
  7. Sam Zidovetski (from Jan 2018)

Special advisor[edit]

  1. James Heilman, MD - founding member & treasurer
  2. James Hare
  3. Lane Rasberry
  4. Jacob de Wolff, MD
  5. Jake Orlowitz
  6. Sydney Poore
  7. Subas Chandra Rout, MS Orthopedic Surgery
  8. Vinicius Siqueira, MD
  9. Emily Temple-Wood

Prior members[edit]

  1. User:Biosthmors (until January 2017)
  2. Anthony H. Cole (until January 2017)
  3. Peter Coti (until January 2017)
  4. James Heilman (until August 2017 – currently serves as Special Advisor)
  5. Jacob de Wolff, MD (until December 2017)
  6. Jake Orlowitz (until December 2017)
  7. Sydney Poore (until December 2017)
  8. Subas Chandra Rout, MS Orthopedic Surgery (until December 2017)
  9. Vinicius Siqueira, MD (until December 2017)
  10. Emily Temple-Wood (until December 2017)

On Meta[edit]

On Meta-Wiki all of the pages in [Wiki Project Med/Board] can be found via Special:PrefixIndex/Wiki Project Med/Board.

Upcoming meetings[edit]

  • September 16, 2017

Past meetings[edit]