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Wiki Remembers Flanders Fields (WW1 1914-18)

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Title  : WMNL & WMBE : Wiki Remembers Flanders Fields WW1 (1914-18)

WMBE and WMNL present to the International Wiki-community a global project to remember World War I (Flanders fields ). Wiki Remembers Flanders Fields (WW1 1914-18) an International Wiki-community event that would run until the end of 2018, culminating in an event at the end of 2018 remembering the armistice on 11 November 1918, paying tribute to ALL the victims of the war, both civilian and military.

We invite representatives of all countries involved in WW-1 to a small presentation to present our plans.

During the 1914-18 world war, soldiers from all parts of the world came to fight and often to die in the trenches of Flanders Fields. People from all continents came to Flanders Field, from Oceania, from Asia, from Africa, from Latin-America, from North America and from all over Europe were lost never to return to their loved ones. Of course Flanders Fields was not the only battlefield, it's the symbol battlefield of all WW I Battlefields.

We ask all countries to collect form their archives information about World War 1, write articles, add photographs in different languages exchange the info with other Wikiprojects, with other languages, translate and interlink all that information. To organise Donations and Edit-a-thons.

We cannot promise that it will be technically feasible but we will attempt to make a world-wide linked edit-a-thon where all participating locations are linked by video-conference.

We want to invite all local chapters, WM-UGś and WMF and people from WW-1 archives and WW-1 memorial societies to a conference to be held near the Flander Fields memorials and including visits to memorial sites. As a theme to our conference we do launch a challenge to the Wiki-community :

The wikiprojects and Wikipedia in particular but also Wikisource and Wikibooks (ad we should not forget Wikidata) are quickly becoming the repository of the sum of all human memories, wiki is becoming the de-facto historian of the world. The Wiki community should rise to the challenge and think about how they will assume that role and that responsibility. Standing by and letting it happen will not suffice as an answer, not suffice as an attitude, fall short as an answer to our responsibility. Therefore we ask the following question as theme of our conference : Universal Memories : How to keep the historic memory alive when the survivors and veterans are all dead

  • What is the role of the Wiki-platform in preserving free access to Universal Memories
  • Actionplan for WWII 1940-45

Presentation to be uploaded and inserted here

Any reaction can be addressed to Derek v Giroulle

  • Wikimedia Nederland: Sandra Rientjes and Frans Grijzenhout
  • Wikimedia Belgium: Maarten Deneckere



Friday at conference Venue between 18-19:00