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Wiki Student Summit 2024

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16-18 July 2024, Arusha and Online
Beyond Borders: Collaborating for Positive Impact.

Wiki Student Summit 2024 will run from 16–18 July in Arusha at the Corridor Springs Hotel, and online.

Workshops, hackathons and pre-conference activities will happen on 15 July 2024 while post-conference and city tours will happen on 19 July 2024.

The theme for the 2nd edition is Wiki Student Summit is Beyond Borders: Collaborating for Positive Impact.

  • Beyond Borders: In the context of the Wiki Student Summit 2024, "Beyond Borders" signifies transcending geographical, cultural, and ideological boundaries to foster a global community of learners and collaborators. It emphasizes inclusivity, diversity, and the breaking down of barriers to knowledge exchange and collaboration, enabling individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together and contribute to a shared vision of learning and growth.
  • Collaborating: Collaboration lies at the heart of the Wiki Student Summit 2024 theme, emphasizing the power of working together towards common goals and objectives. It involves sharing ideas, resources, and expertise across disciplines and sectors, with the aim of generating innovative solutions, driving positive change, and creating lasting impact. Collaboration fosters synergy, creativity, and mutual support among participants, enabling them to achieve more collectively than they could individually.
  • Positive Impact: The overarching goal of the Wiki Student Summit 2024 is to catalyze positive change and make a meaningful impact in the world. This theme underscores the importance of leveraging open knowledge, digital literacy, and collaborative efforts to address pressing challenges, promote social equity, and advance sustainable development. It emphasizes the potential for individuals and communities to create tangible, measurable outcomes that contribute to a brighter and more inclusive future for all.

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