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Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing Event/Tamil Wikipedians

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Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing

Project Goal

As we have always seen in our personal lives that women have the tendency of ignoring their needs and health concerns and have always been a nurturer in the family, this time we've thought of an initiative for showing our acknowledgment and concern towards all such amazing women in our lives by doing something for them.

The event was focused on women health concerns and creating content related to the same in the month of October and November, 2018. Along with this, in this project an attempt has been made to train some interested women wikimedians of different communities for outreach activities by guiding them and making them organize the event in their respective communities. The basic training has been given about planning, proposing, performing and reporting. Which help in exploring and promoting women leadership in different languages, thus helping in bridging the gender gap along with the usual accomplishment of content creation.


Online Event[edit]

Event Page: Tamil Wiki Women for Women Well being Contest 2018

The writing challenge was started from 1 October 2018 to 24 November 2018. The articles were expanded and created by 7 editors in which 2 where Females.


  1. Parvathisri
  2. Arularasan. G
  3. Sridhar
  4. Kalaiarasy
  5. Lo.Senthamizh Kothai
  6. K.Moorthi
  7. Karthikeyan

Offline Event[edit]

An offline event was conducted atPanchatyat Union Primary School, Idaimalaipatty pudhur, Trichi. Tamilnadu on 28-10-2018 for the project "Wiki Women for Women Wellbeing" during which new editors were added to the project. 19 new editors participated in the event in which 17 were female. Offline Event page: Tamil Wiki Women for Women Well being Contest 2018-Offline


  1. Vasantha Lakshmi V
  2. User:ச. மணிவண்ணன்
  3. User:கிரிஜா ஆனந்தகிருஷ்ணன்
  4. User:சவால் சத்யா
  5. User:kavitha sasikumar6212
  6. User:Anukeerthika
  7. User:Trichymumtaj
  8. User:Kannamma Vijayaraj
  9. User:Inshathasneem
  10. User:Siva2kalai
  11. User:Thilaka Rani.G
  12. User:K.Mallika
  13. User:பா.தென்றல்
  14. User:கலைச்செல்வி
  15. User:Kanagadharshni
  16. User:Mahalakshmiar
  17. User:Lathabalaji
  18. Nandhini Kandhasamy
  19. Karthikeyan
  20. Sridhar
  21. Balaji
  22. Parvathi Sri
  23. User:MaruthanayagamBEO
  24. User:YasminNisar


Statistics can been seen on dashboard Here

  • Articles created/Expanded: 48
  • Editors: 10
  • Commons uploads: 6
  • Most review articles
  1. யோனி - 1708 (views)
  2. மார்பகப் புற்றுநோய் - 1498
  3. என்புருக்கி நோய் - 278
  4. இடுப்பு அழற்சி நோய் - 252
  5. அபாயகரமான பாலியல் நடத்தை - 143


  • What worked well?
  1. We succeeded in bringing the editors from non-science background for contribution in WWWW.
  2. Notifying all the local Indic language communities, for making sure that the news is spread to as many as possible to took part in the contest and created quality articles.
  3. Around New women editors join and contribute and decrease some ratio of gender gap.
  4. In offline event the basic training has been given about writing, editing and reviewing.
  • What did not work so well?
  1. Target for commons doesn't met.
  2. For editors it was difficult to understand the scientific terms and translate it in Tamil.
  • What would you do differently next time?
  1. In future we would definitely well prepare for offline event and encourage more contributors.
  2. Adding more women as leaders.

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