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Adding exercise elements by / / proposal[edit]

example 1[edit]

The markup in the box below could be used to define a exercise page like this. By default the soutions of the other rows might be given as (false) alternatives. Basic wiki syntax should be usable in combination with this.

This dinner calls /for/ a spectacular dessert.
Experts were called /in/ .
The case was called /up/ in court.
The ship called /at/ the port of Athens.
The customer called /down/ the waiter for bringing cold soup.

exercise view could be somehow like this

other things to specify

  • input type of exercise:
    • html text,
    • html select,
    • html radio,
    • html checkbox
    • what about drag n drop, sorting...?
  • more solutions in a gap or select. perhaps:
/solution1 OR solution1/
  • points for values. perhaps positive numbers for right answers
/good solution OR bad solution{0}/
  • default values or fragments. perhaps sol* already in the gap:
this is a good /sol*} solution/

example 2 checkbox[edit]

{0} might be optional

When you pay homage to someone , you
pay back your debts. {0}      
show your respect. {1}      
fulfil a promise. {0}     
grant him a favour. {0}      
return to his house. {0}	

exercise view could be somehow like this]