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Wiki for Climate

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What is it


Every 3rd March, Africa Envrionment Day or Wanfari Maathai Day is celebrated. This initiative was established by the African Union to create awareness of environmental sustainability in Africa.

This year the Africa Environment Microfunding under the Wikimedia foundation provided financial support to organize some events in Ghana.

The Eco Warriors movement, an environmental organization with the goal of providing a platform to raise awareness of the state of the environment, to reaffirm humanity's undeniable connection to nature, and to reactive the call to action to preserving and restorong nature for future generations, has partnered with Kumasi Wiki Hub to engage wikipedians in Kumasi in creating and improve articles on climate change and environmental sustainability as we celebrate Africa Environment Day.

In addition to raising awareness of the causes and effects of climate change in Africa, our upcoming campaign will teach participants how to effectively communicate environmental concerns and sustainable practices both within the Wikimedia community and externally to a larger audience.

As part of this campaign, articles will be translated into the Akan language, and the information on Ghanaian environment, climate change, and other environmental organizations will be improved on Wikiquote, Wikidata, and Wikipedia. By translating content related to climate change, more people can have access to accurate and reliable information on the topic in their native language, increasing awareness and educating at the rural and local level.

Goal of the project


Our goals for this event are to create or improve articles, highlight African women who are involved in climate change, and bring together climate and environmental activists and young people to talk about the negative effects of climate change and how they can use the Wikimedia Projects to raise awareness and look for solutions. Our activities will include recruiting new editors, increasing the usage of Wikimedia projects, and adding high quality content on Climate change. We will organize training which will focus on translating content into Akan Wikipedia, contributing to Wikiquote, Wikidata, and Wikipedia with content on Ghanaian environment, climate change, and other organizations involved in raising awareness about climate change.

Major Timelines

  • 14 February 2023 - Project Grants Submission - Done
  • 01 March 2023 - call for participants. Done
  • 18 March 2023 - In-preson event at KNUST campus Done
  • 19 March 2023 - Virtual training session of Wiki 101 and 102 Done
  • 22 April 2023 - Virtual training (Wiki commons) Done

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Otuo-Akyampong Boakye: He is an awarding wining environmental scientist and climate advocate with international experience in youth work on climate. He is the founder of the Eco Warriors Movement and the Immediate past president of Kumasi Wiki Hub

Baah Thomas: He is the current president of the Kumasi Wiki Hub and a material engineer.



Participants are to sign their names here. Kindly sign under the last person's name below, type in this code #~~~~

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