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Wiki loves Yerevan

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Wiki Loves Yerevan is a project implemented jointly with Yerevan Municipality and by the support of cultural organizations within the framework of Yerevan 2800 anniversary celebrations.

The aim of the project is to expand the information about Yerevan currently available in Wikimedia online projects by creating new articles and editing the existing ones and translate them into several languages. This will contribute to raising the awareness about Yerevan abroad, foster tourism development and increase the flow of visitors to cultural organizations. The project will include the following events:

International GLAM conference[edit]

Events aimed at the development of content of Wiki Loves Yerevan project in different languages will kick off by a three-day GLAM conference. Wiki Data specialists and people who had successfully implemented GLAM projects in different countries (10) and about 15 representatives from Yerevan GLAMs will participate in the conference. Participants will get acquainted with editing tools which will help them to properly represent Yerevan, as well as their organizations in Wiki Data, Wiki Commons and Wikipedia. Guests will share with their experience on collaboration with those four institutions and will teach participants Wiki Data toolset. As a result, the rich materials provided by cultural organizations will be available on Wikimedia platforms in several languages increasing public interest towards those institutions.