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Wiki loves love/triage process

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Image triage and Commons Categorization team


Our teammate chicocvenancio has been doing the work of OgreBot this time. After 3 summons yet Ogrebot maintainer hasn't turned up for reply to my mails. We are fortunate our teammate is able to do the same thing which ogrebot was supposed to do and we are proud that because of chicocvenancio our plan of filteration will be a success as per planned.

So chico using his script will give us a gallery of all the images that are uploaded on that day. An live example of gallery will be found here. And the assigned gallery for you can be found here

WLLReviewers are the international team members who have been assigned task as per dates. Date assignment can be seen on the file that is shared while meeting or contact Wikilover90 for the same. Please have a look when are you assigned.

First step: Admissibility check-in


WLLReviewers have to firstly check the following requirements.

  1. Is image uploaded from 1-28 February.
  2. Is image under commons scope (educational images only)
  3. is the image something that is taken from the net (possible copyright violation)
  4. say no to spam and say no to promotional content. (request deletion)


Second step: categorize


Once the above is checked and passed WLLReviewers have a total/currently 4 category.

Our Code words

  1. Badname
  2. Watermark
  3. Out of scope
  4. Accepted



If the name is not according to the image (commons is multilingual so title in other languages is ok) then:

  • add a category [[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 with bad file name]].



If the images are watermarked then:

  • add [[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 with watermarks]]

Out of scope


If you think that this image is not What Wiki Loves Love wants:

  • Add a category [[Category:Out of scope images from Wiki Loves Love 2019]].
  • Add {{Wiki Loves Love/out of scope|username_of_the_person_that_uploaded_the_file}} in the matching discussion page



And if you think it's all ok and image must get a price:

  • add [[Category:Accepted images from Wiki Loves Love 2019]]

Note that only images from Category:Accepted images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 will be a part of our images that Jury may declare winners.



One image can have more than one category of the above.

For example

  1. The image is in our scope and it has a bad name, then two category of the above will be added.
  2. The image is in our scope but bad name and watermarked than three categories will be added.
  3. if images are not acceptable just one category (out of scope will be added)

In a nutshell


Use the following wikicodes where needed

[[Category:Out of scope images from Wiki Loves Love 2019]]
[[Category:Accepted images from Wiki Loves Love 2019]] 
[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 with watermarks]] 

[[Category:Images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 with bad file name]]

[[Category:Videos from Wiki Loves Love 2019]]

{{subst:Wiki Loves Love/out of scope|}}

{{delete|Lack of evidence that artworks appearing on the picture are covered with a compatible free license}}
Thank you for the will to contribute, this is a nice photo. However there is a lake of evidence that the artworks represented on the photo are covered by a compatible free license. If you have proof that this is legal to upload a representation of these artworks under the selected free license, please proceed. --~~~~

* Remove the category after you are done the Filter and categorization part.

What will happen to images with Bad file name


Commons filemovers/admin can move them easily. You can add a {{rename}} template or just add the above category. It will be renamed by the users who are in international team who have filemover rights.

What will happen to watermarked images


They will be cropped/altered after the contest. Commons Volunteers will work as per commons policies.

What will happen to images that are out of scope


They will again be reviewed by Tiven2240 (talk · contribs) to rectify mistakes, if any, made by any WLLReviewer. We believe that the deserving files must face a healthy competition.

Feel free to ask the team if you find any problem reviewing the file. We need to complete all file reviewing by 10th March 2019 and submit our categories to Jury.

Useful information

  • Use {{delete}} for starting a deletion request.
  • Use {{speedy}} for copyright violation.
  • Use COM:AN/V if you find any user disrupting our categories or vandalizing our images.


So WLLReviewers let's spread love round the globe. Each day is attributed to a single person in the WLL 2019 Tasks in Feb 1-28, in the Filter team sheet.

user attibuted days
Chico 1, 7, 13, 19, 25
Psychoslave 2, 8, 14, 20, 26
Rajeeb Dutta 3, 9, 15, 21, 27
Sushma Sharma 4, 10, 16, 22
Nandhinikandhasamy 5, 11, 17, 23, 28
Sumanth699 6, 12, 18, 24

Commons Categorization team can also find the images by date follow the corresponding link bellow:

Credits and thanks


This page derive from a message written by Tiven2240 (talk · contribs), thanks for this contribution!