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Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italicise text



Bold text



Bold and italic

'''''bold & italic'''''

bold & italic

Internal link

(within this Wiki)

[[name of page]]
[[name of page|display text]]

name of page
display text


#redirect [[Target page]]

1. redirect Target page

External link

(to other websites)

[ Example]


Escape wiki markup

with ''markup''
<nowiki>without ''markup''</nowiki>

with markup
without ''markup''

Applies only at the beginning of the line

of different sizes

==level 1==
===level 2===
====level 3====
=====level 4=====

Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

Level 3[edit]

Level 4[edit]
Bullet list

**two point one

  • one
  • two
    • two point one
  • three
Numbered list

##two point one

  1. one
  2. two
    1. two point one
  3. three
Definition list

:item 1
:item 2
::item 2 point one
:item 3

item 1
item 2
item 2 point one
item 3
Thumbnail image

[[Image:IstaCat.png|thumb|Caption text]]

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