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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
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Technical requirements

Wikiblogs is a proposed project on Proposals for new projects for Wikimedia. The idea is to make a blog platform based on Wiki technology.


Wiki system saves all logs, and sometimes it's better then not-saving them. For example, LJ community of Russian Wikipedia have been usurpated by a group of trools, and now there is no logs. In Wikiblogs it would be much more difficult to usurpate the community, and there would be logs which could explain who gave to the usurpator moderator rights (in LJ it's impossible).

Short description[edit]

Wikiblogs is the project for personal blogs. Blogs have places on user's pages. Everybody can edit the blogs (for examle, fixing the typo mistakes), but if the blog is vandalising, it can be protected by admins, and nobody can edit it except it's owner. Comments are provided by editing posts or by editing subpages, which are included into the blog's text. The other is the same to other projects, with some difference. The content should be reguleted by local or Florida State's and USA's laws and by consensus of Wikibloggers.

Potential realisation of some LJ features in Wikiblogs[edit]

Posting and commenting the posts is describing in the previous section. The friending is provided by adding some person's blog to watchlist. The communities are provided the same way as blogs, so, evrybody can post to evry communities, the joining to the communities is a formal procedure. The only difference between Wikiblogs and LJ or otheb blog platforms is that there are no special moderators for evry community, admins are common and perform the users' requests.

The only fich that can't be realised on wiki technology is hiding posts, but it isn't very important.

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People interested[edit]