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Wikibusiness - a free world needs free business

This Wikiprojekt will support the idea of free and community based business. A social world needs an income to support the social projects. So my idea is to publish my business ideas in the wild like Linux, the free operating system and discuss business plans with other people.

I don't want to make any profit cause I know:

  • If you make a profit, you have the possibility to let others make their profit, too.
  • In the end we all are winners.


   * Link to request on mailing list: x
   * Naming suggestions: Wikibusiness
   * Domain name: ORG
   * Scope: We need a wiki where we can discuss free business ideas and plans.
   * Details: add a link to a page where the project is thoroughly explained
   * Proposer: Peter Littmann peter.l*
   * Date: 09-30-06
   * People interested joining:
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         o xx
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