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Internationalized/improved Scholia tool

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Boris Bahire Kabeja - User:Mrbobax

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User:Mrbobax (Boris Bahire), Project Lead collaborator, Kigali/Rwanda
User:Byjanvier (Janvier Byiringiro), project collaborator developer, Kigali/Rwanda

The activity/project[edit]

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The Scholia tool is a great one that has been helpful to creates visual scholarly profiles for topic, people, organizations, species, chemicals, etc using bibliographic and other information in Wikidata.

This is mainly done by pulling the info from Wikidata and the English Wikipedia. Although the tool works well, there is no possibility to also pull data that come specifically to other Wikipedia pages other than the English Wikipedia.

Proposed idea

We would like to improve Scholia and more functionalities that would enable to pull data from more other languages other than English WP, this project will use Kinyarwanda as a prototype along with a documentation on how, if another person would like to customize it to own language, would do it for a future local language customization. The project will be built from the source codes available on the Scholia GitHub.

Your qualifications[edit]

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  • Boris Bahire Kabeja (User:Mrbobax), I have been involved a various Wikimedia projects such as Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Earth, WPWP, etc and has got experience with Python as well.
  • Janvier Byiringiro (User:Byjanvier), has just joined Wikipedia but has got a quite high level programming experience with various projects worked on his portfolio

Proposed activity dates[edit]

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  • 17th Oct 2020
  • 24th Oct 2020
  • 31st Oct 2020
  • 7th Nov 2020


A final report of the work done can be found here via this link [1].


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