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Filling the Gap of DRC Scientific Researches in WikiCite

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Yves Madika
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Kisangani, DRCongo

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Kisangani, DRCongo ; news.abel(_AT_) ...


Kisangani, DRCongo ;


Kisangani, DRCongo ; patience.kavira(_AT_)


Kisangani, DRCongo ;

The activity/project[edit]

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Universities in the DRC are rich in scientific research in their diversity. However, these multiple research and researchers are not referenced in the Wikimedia projects like Wikidata or Wikisource.

This project aims at creating citations and bibliographic data for some researchers from our universities.

In this project, the target university is the University of Kisangani(fr).

  • Collect data from libraries, museums...
  • Create Wikidata items for the these data

We expect at creating 300 items.

Your qualifications[edit]

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This is a team project where each member will be in charge of collecting at least 60 items related to scientific researches for the university of Kisangani ( We've chosen Unikis because we are not so far from the general campus of this university and some members in the team even work there. After collecting data comes the work of encoding them in Wikidata. This is the most important part of our project as it will require time and concentration. We estemate 3 to 4 days for this sole part of the project.

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Nov 3 - 6, 2020


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  • Support Support The project contributes to the closure of the Africa gap in Wikidata and to the decolonization of scholarly output. (If desired, I’ m ready to volunteer and to check the catalogue of the African Studies Center in Leiden/NL). User:Walkuraxx 2020-09-25
  • Support Support -- I support this project and I have confidence in the team's ability to make it happen. Our researchers are not well known and their work, bridging this gap would allow a good recognition of our scientific researchers.--Key's ivan ESSIMBO (talk) 15:28, 3 October 2020 (UTC)[reply]