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A more recent proposal with further discussion is at WikiSocial.

Wikicommunity is was an experimental project for community-building among Wikimedia contributors proposed in 2008. Many user subpages are deleted from Wikipedia because policy holds that they fall into categories of "what Wikipedia is not." These include "social networking" activities such as game-playing, signature and userpage design, etc. Wikicommunity would provide a home for these community-building activities, which could benefit the mission of Wikimedia by raising user morale and enhancing informal connections among users, in much the same way that company picnics further the goals of organizations.

Many users have criticized similar proposals based on conjecture that the vast majority of members of such as community would not be productive editors. However, others have argued that the net effect on the project would be positive. Accordingly, we propose that Wikicommunity be established on an experimental basis to see how it would work.

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