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Talk Page Theater, Saturday Night Reception[edit]

Talk Page Theater can best be described as dramatic readings of the sometimes frivolous, sometimes dense, sometimes contentious, and often straight-up funny discussions on talk pages. Find entertaining discussions to use as your script, fire up your acting chops, and join us for an evening of micro-plays. (Keep in mind that safe space policies apply.)

"Clearly it is a distinct phenomenon, both due to the separation of the popularity of these phenomenon in time (pieing had it's heyday in the 1990's-2000's, the latest incident mentioned on the page about Pieing is from 2011) and due to obvious difference that a milkshake is not a pie. "Milkshaking" does not belong under "pieing" because it does not involve a pie and is not "the act of throwing a pie at a person" (i.e., the definition of "pieing" given on that page)." (User name redacted) - From an AFD about deleting the Milkshaking article or merging it with Pieing

Check out WP:HALLOFLAME for inspiration, and sign up below to participate.