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Joining the Wikicracy project[edit]

Mailing list[edit]

http://groups.google.com/group/wikicracy . To join this mailing list, just send a blank e-mail to: wikicracy-subscribe@googlegroups.com

Online chat[edit]

msn and others: please add your contact in the list below.

Member list[edit]

Just write your name/contacts to become part of this project

Skilled or interested in democracy/organization

  • 'Vmandrilly' msn and e-mail: vmandrillyNOTSPAM@hotmail.com - English Français 中文
  • 'Hawkeye' msn and e-mail: JPM_111@hotmail.com - English
  • 'Tetopa' e-mail: proffaNOSPAMM@rakkausrunot.fi - English, Finnish, Norwegian
  • 'UsuarioRemoto' e-mail: usuarioremotoNOSPAMM@gmail.com - Spanish, English, México.
  • 'Sparky1' e-mail: hissparkynessNOSPAMM@gmail.com - English
  • 'Philippe Nicolai-Dashwood' e-mail: philippe.nicolaiNOSPAM@gmail.com - English Français
  • 'subgilenon' e-mail: subgilenonNOSPAM@gmail.com - Italiano, Français, English
  • 'settdigger' e-mail: settdiggerNOSPAM@gmail.com - English
  • ...

Skilled or interested in wiki software programming

  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


  • ...
  • ...
  • ...


If you are an individuals or organization that supports this project, please list yourself here. (It's always nice for the contributers to receive encouragments, even if it is just symbolic. :-) You can be a supporter and still contribute to the project as much as you care to do! This is a wiki after all!