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Some forests need to be thinned.

Bodies of water need to be cleaned.

Poverty should ideally be eliminated.

We want a healthy populace.

Health care available to ALL, regardless of ability to pay, employment status, and amount of wealth.

Superfund sites need to be decontaminated.

30 June 2008 - California wildfires need to be put out or controlled.

July 2008 - Accuracy/honesty/accountability/disclosures in advertising/media

Allocate money from the general fund to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Manifest of Wikicracy

I) Wikicracy is essentially an ensemble of individuals which have as only goals:

the formulation and the dynamical maintenance of a set of descending rules, descending from a common vision of the idea of life in common on the base of inspiring principles such as «The Universal Declaration of Human Rights», «The Ghandi's Non-Violence Ideal», «The Sustainable Development», «The Indignados Requests», ... the practical realisation of the use and the respect of such descending rules in agreement with and in respect of the inspiring principles and the descending rules themselves.

II A) Wikicracy has an independent and autonomous nature. It can't be identified, compared, put in relation or in common to ante litteram concepts such as: association, community, club, society, group, form of government and similar.

II B) Any form of interpretation, instrumentalization and external or internal ingérence to Wikicracy, of the Wikicracy itself, is discouraged through forms of cultural promotion aimed to stress the minatory nature of such interpretations, instrumentalizations and ingérences.

III A) The realisation of the formulation and the use and respect of the descending rules is guaranteed thorough the free exchange of ideas regarding the equal Wikicratic instances, which, form a technical-practical point of view, finds as its means of realisation a series of websites capable to handle the free exchange of ideas of the so called Wikinhabitants.

III B) The websites are freely inspired from websites such as: Wikipedia and Facebook. Given the dynamical nature of the Wikicracy (compare point I) such an inspiration is only the starting point from which originates a series of websites which themselves are in dynamical change together with the descending rules, in agreement with the technological developments and the new equal Wikicratic instances of the Wikiinhabitants.

III C) The websites are not limited in number, form and aim.

III D) Forms of cultural promotion and spontaneous investigations of Wikiinhabitants are used in order to individuate eventual lobbying through a website. The lobbying can be easily defined as any ensemble of individuals which perpetrates voluntarily, conscientiously or in-conscientiously influence on the free exchange of ideas in the direction of defending the interest of only one part of the wikiInhabitants. Lobbying is discouraged by means of discrediting the ensemble of individuals practicing the lobbying. Eventually this is realised effectively by excluding the lobbers from the free exchange of ideas process.

IV A) In the free exchange of ideas, the equal Wikicratic instances have to be considered all equal. Without any exception: including the weight given to the instance, its diffusion, its nature presumably or not-presumably authoritarian.

IV B) The free exchange of ideas finds its roots in the implementation such as those of Wikipedia and Facebook. From Wikipedia draws and abstracts the concept of hierarchy of competence and from Facebook the concept of equal opportunity of representativeness, each individual becoming representative of her/himself.

IV C) The free exchange of ideas can produce descending rules directly, when there is unanimous agreement (= 100 % agreement). When there is not such a unanimous agreement, a new phase of free exchange of ideas takes place, in which also the date of when the next vote will take place can be decided. Until unanimous agreement is reached. In the meantime regional and/or local descending rules can be accepted on the base of a regional and/or local majority agreement. All Wikiinhabitants making part of the regional and/or local community and being part of the voting minority, can decide to either stay in the regional and/or local community and accept the regional and/or local descending rules or can decide to move in another regional and/or local community. The same applies for the case of global descending rules. In this case, the voting minority cannot decide to move somewhere else and must accept the global descending rules until a unanimous agreement is reached.