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Status of the project[edit]

  • Beginning of 2007: idea of a way to put people working together online to make proposals in a cooperative way, and where people could vote on the proposals.
  • Beginning of August: re-discovery of wiki and it appeared that the platform is the best tool for the idea.
  • August 9th 2007: first publication of the project.
  • August 10th: first try to make this project known to wikipedians in the perspective of gathering a team of democracy/organization experts and wiki programming experts.
  • The project has been featured in on main page, latest news section. A new proposal regarding democracy on wikis is available at Wikicracy. Please review and comment.
  • August 15th: created a trial testing page of socialtext wiki. Reviewing in process...
  • August 23rd: wikimedia websites have been blocked once again by Chinese censors (including this page), after a few month of freedom for non-chinese language pages. Sorry for the delay. Test of socialtext has not been very enthousiastic. Are there real improvments compared to wiki? Some important wiki features have even disappeared...
  • August 28th: finaly got the time to make a graphic proposal (see example at the bottom of the page) Vmandrilly 17:51, 27 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]