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Wikidata/Development/Current sprint

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This page represents the current status of discussions within the Wikidata project team. It is used as a base for development. To avoid confusion please only update it to reflect updates of this status. If you want to discuss it, please use the Wikidata mailing list or the talk page. Thank you!

This page lists the items the Wikidata initial development team is working on in the current scrum cycle. If you want to work on one of the items, please make sure to coordinate with the development team, or otherwise redundant work might happen.

This Sprint


You can see what the team committed to for the current sprint here.



Items in the backlog are here and in the list below.

  • Wikibase website/documentation (needs breakdown based on todo list we did previously)
  • Split UpdateRepoOnMoveJob into a client-side stub and a repo-side implementation in order to avoid lib depending on repo classes.
  • Null precision in coordinates
    • 2. Use a bot to fix all precision: null values in the current version
    • 3. Restrict the data type (how to deal with older versions?)
  • rewrite EntityContent, needs an EntityStore service (story time?)
  • Make entity selector, date widget, coordinate widget etc. stand-alone jQuery widgets independent of Wikibase / MediaWiki
  • More precise precisions (Precisions are currently a simple, often auto-generated value representing something like the decade etc. They should though allow to have an upper and lower bound which is selected indidvidually. This requires first a storyboard on how to actually do that, etc., and should not be just implemented into the blue.)