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This is a short overview of testing for the Wikidata branch which introduces the ContentHandler facility.

Unit Testing[edit]

Both Content and ContentHandler are covered by an extensive set of PHPUnit tests. More of their functionality is covered by the test cases for Revision and WikiPage, as well as Title.

TODO: check and improve coverage

User Interface[edit]

Only basic eyeball testing has been performed:

  • standard view/edit/preview/save cycles, for wikitext, CSS and JavaScript.


Basic Build-In search should work for wikitext as usual. However, search for non-textual content models is not yet supported well.

No extra tests have been implemented to see whether the build-in search still works as expected.

TODO: check coverage, test non-text search.

Currently, Content::getTextForSearchIndex() returns a text to be analyzed by the fulltext engine. It would be much nicer if:

  • The Content object could (optionally?) provide tokens to the indexer directly
  • The Content object could have a function for providing snippets for the search result page.

Generally, the search infrastructure should be made aware of content model.



Several API modules have been changed to use the ContentHandler facility internally. These changes should be covered by test cases for these API modules, but this has not been verified.

Some API modules have been (or will be) amended to expose the content model and serialization format:

  • ApiQueryRevision
  • ApiEditPage

Test cases for these changes are pending.

Atom Feeds[edit]


Export has been modified to export the data model and serialization format. This was tested briefly by hand.

Import has been modified to use any information about content model and serialization format found in the input. This was not yet tested.

External Edit[edit]

This is pending, with no defined behavior for non-text content.

Extensions using Content[edit]

Several extensions may be affected by the ContentHandler logic, but this has not been surveyed or tested yet:




The display of CSS and JavaScript pages should work as before, though the detection of what is a JS/CSS page should now be using the ContentHandler.

Note: In the future, the ContentHandler may provide a special interface for highlighters to register with, instead of hooking into the page view workflow.




Abuse Filter[edit]



Other Extensions[edit]

Some other extensions may be affected by the refactoring of WikiPage, Article, EditPage, etc.

A survey of which extensions use now-deprecated hooks is pending.