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Wikidata/Notes/Watchlist integration

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Discussion of user notifications about changes on Wikidata (with Brandon Harris)

  • Users need to be notified about changes to data items used on a page they watch.
  • That is, a corresponding entry should be injected into recentchanges and show on the Watchlist (and RelatedChanges, the RSS feed, etc)
  • a new notification framework is being implemented for mediawiki, perhaps we can used that: mw:Echo (Notifications)
    • Echo could be generalized to also cover server-to-server communication, so we could use it as the sole mechanism of pushing changes to the client wikis.
  • we may also want to insert a (null)revision into the page history
    • we'd need two extra fields: rev_external_change_size and rev_external_change_data; these would provide sufficient info to generate a diff for the data change.
  • Data diffs are loaded from the repo via the api and displayed on the local page's diff page using rendering code in WikibaseLib.
  • If a span of several revisions is diffed, including both text and data edits, the text diff is shown in one section and the data diff is shown in another.
  • diff/rev navigation works as usual.
  • how about permalinks?
  • how about viewing old revisions? can we show the corresponding old state of the data?
  • once we have all this working, can we do the same for templates and images?