Wikidata Workshop, Pune on 18-19th September 2017

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Wikidata Workshop Pune


  • Note: It is compulsory to bring your laptop/tab. You are requested to bring your personal wifi device, if you have any, as the internet connection of the venue is slow and not sufficient for all participants.


The focus of the training would be extensive Wikidata training, from absolute beginner level through querying and embedding Wikidata in Wikipedia (incl. infoboxes), as well as a general tools demonstration, including Quarry. Additionally, time would be made for general Q&A ("ask me anything") to let people use the opportunity to directly ask WMF representative User:Asaf (WMF) anything that they have on their mind.

Topics to be covered[edit]

  • Basic Wikidata editing
  • Embedding Wikidata in Wikipedia
  • SPARQL Query (Basic and Advanced)
  • PetScan
  • Quarry
  • Importing datasets from external websites and identifiers
  • Wikidata Bots and Tools
    • Wikidata pywikibot
    • Quick Statements & QuickStatements 2
    • WikiData Free Image Search Tool
  • How Wikidata can help Commons contributors
  • How Wikidata can help Wikisource contributors


Resource Persons[edit]

  • Asaf Bartov
  • Chinmayi S.K.


  • Tanveer Hasan
  • Subodh Kulkarni


  1. Aarya Joshi
  2. Rajendra Prabhune
  3. Abhinav Garule
  4. Sushant Dewalekar
  5. Madhav Gadgil
  6. Abhijit Safai
  7. Shriniwas Kulkarni
  8. Ashwin Baindur
  9. Harish Satpute
  10. Krishna Chaitanya Velaga
  11. Anand Patil
  12. Aniket Bhatt
  13. Asmita Pote
  14. Rajeshree Bora 
  15. Ravina More
  16. Avinash R. Kshirsagar
  17. Samridhi Agarwal
  18. Nikhil V.J.
  19. Craig D'souza
  20. Kartik Nadar
  21. Purva
  22. Pooja Kadam

Photo Gallery[edit]