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Wikidata hospitals

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The Wikidata Hospitals Project is one of our drives to improve Nigerian contents and increase wikidata's participation in the country. The project focuses on training all interested persons on how to query as well as how to add content on Wikidata but most importantly, increase the number of Nigerian hospitals in wikidata database.


Giving the ongoing crisis the world is facing today, one in which the hospitals are major players, it is important now more than ever to improve the amount of hospitals wikidata knows about and as such, this project is mainly targeted at improving the number of hospitals in wikidata's database particularly hospitals in Nigeria as well as improve Wikidata's Participation in Nigeria.

Scope of Work[edit]

  • Training: Collation of resources for training design and launch of program dashboard for measuring project metrics, communication channel and design of project landing page (Meta). This particular version of the project consist of a five(5) days series of online hands-on training. Details of focused areas are listed in the table below.
  • Mentor ship: Attending to questions/feedback from participants, tracking of items, review.

Project Time-Lines/ Work Plan[edit]

Activities Specific Activities Time Lines Expected Outcomes Remarks
  • Design and launch of Program dashboard for measuring Project metrics
  • Design of project landing page ( Meta)
  • Registration of participants on and off-wiki.
  • Social media engagement eg. Instagram, twitter, Whatsapp
Feb.15th - Mar.6th 2021 Participants are expected to visit the project landing page and for the uploaded Videos for a self-pace training session.
Live Training
  • Introduction to the wikimedia movement and projects
  • Introduction to Wikidata project
  • Adding content to Wikidata
  • How to make queries in wikidata

Mar. 7th - Apr.11th 2021 Participants will be engaged in live training sessions ( hands-on) Duration (1hrs) per Webinar session. Each session will be recorded and make available before the next session on the landing page
Mentorship Class
  • Attending to feedbacks from students per previous sessions
  • Allocation of assignment to students
Mar.7th - Apr.11th 2021 The following modules are expected to be covered:
  • What is Wikidata
  • Adding Contents to Wikidata
  • Wikidata Queries

Editathon: Compettition
  • New editors to create their account before the event ( if it has not been earlier created)
  • Participants to sign up to the event dashboard
Mar.21st - Apr.11th 2021
  • At least contents on 50 Hospitals in Nigerias will be added on wikidata

Content to be Added [edit]

Nigerian Hospitals to be added
Hospital name Status
Lafiak Hospital complete
Access Hospital (Gwagwa) complete
Kapital Hospital completed
Charitos BO Hospital complete
The Crown Hospital LTD complete
Ancilla Catholic Hospital complete
Ebony Hospital, Abuja complete
Everlasting care hospital completed
Zankli Medical Centre complete
Mailafiya Specialist Hospital complete
Paafag hospital Completed
Cornelian Jubilee Hospital completed
Lofahod Clinic and Maternity completed
Primus International Super Special completed
Capital Hospital And Maternity LTD complete
Sami Wadata Clinic complited
St Francois Medical Centre complited
Bwari Medical Centre complited
Gabic Divine Clinic And Maternity complited
Laura Hospital And Maternity complited
Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Hospital complited
Viva Hospital completed
Cedamb hospital complited
Divine Winners Medical and Maternity Ltd complited
Gideon Legacy Hospital complited
Medford Hospital completed
Royal Lord Hospital completed
Boris Clinics Ltd completed
Denyion Hospital completed
Express Hospital completed
Jethrone Hospital and Diagnostic Centre completed
King's Care Hospital completed
Pearl Family Hospital completed
Daughters of Charity St Vincent Hospital complited
Kenony Clinic Ltd complited
Unity Clinic & Maternity complited
Charis Medical Center completed
Nisa Premier Hospital complited
Nakowa Clinic complited
Gwagwalada Clinic and Maternity completed
Rose Haske Clinic and Maternity Ltd complited
St. Mary's Catholic Hospital complited
Allied Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Center Ltd completed
Living Stream Specialist Medical Center completed
Diamond Crest Hospital and Maternity completed
Ehigbachi Health Centre completed
Alliance Hospital completed
Alfad Specialist Medical Centre completed
White Dove Hospital completed
Rhema Foundation Hospital completed
May-Fair Medical Centre completed
Bolasad specialist Hospital completed
The Hamfar Hospital completed
Betta Hospital Completed
All Souls Infirmary Hospital completed
Olu Adebo Hospital completed
Rambola Abiola Memorial Hospital completed
Bio batam Hospital completed
Mucas Hospital completed
Dunia Hospital completed
Molayo Medical Centre completed
Bankole Medical Centre completed
Prema Sai Hospital completed
Eze Udo Medical Centre completed
Efan Hospital completed
Ola-Silver Hospital completed
Beebat Medical Centre completed
Bayo Ogunro Hospital completed
Faleti Medical Centre completed
Halisa Gold Hospital completed
Tolu Medical Center completed
Zion Uque Hospital completed
Divine Blessing Hospital completed
Madaniyah Women Specialist Hospital completed
El-Dunamis Medical Centre completed
Isuti Medical Centre completed
Santa Maria Hospital completed
Ooh-Bee Hospital completed
Summerstone Specialist Hospital And Trauma Centre completed

images from live Training sessions[edit]

Resources for Self-pace Training [edit]

Videos of every live session will be upload here before the next live session

Contest Winners[edit]

1. JosefAnthony

2. Macocobovi

3. OtuNwachinemere