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Wikidocumentaries will be the goggles to the heritage ecosystem where interconnected Wikimedia projects, institutional repositories, communities using linked platforms and individuals all come together in a shared space, a collective media commons.

Wikimedia projects cannot host all the media of the world, but can connect and make sense of them.

Tap into the interlinked heritage ecosystem

  • Interact with institutional APIs based on interlinked repositories.
  • Leverage Wikimedia knowledge to connect resources across languages and sources.

Extending beyond the margins

  • Make use of languages as widely as possible.
  • Develop technological solutions to conditional sharing.
  • Make available low-cost and free solutions for contributing.

Sensemaking in the Cultural Commons

  • Automate visualizations and narratives with transparent and editable algorithms.
  • Use the open materials to provide information based on actual sources.
  • Allow users to bring in their knowledge, by refining, adding and enriching existing materials.
  • Converge data across sources and record provenance.

Images uploaded from Wikidocumentaries to Wikimedia Commons