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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
en: I haven't chosen one yet!
Status of the proposal
Reasonno interest. Pecopteris (talk) 18:06, 19 August 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Details of the proposal
Project descriptionStock market information
Is it a multilingual wiki?Just one multilingual wiki.
Technical requirements
New features to requireCameras,Adobe Flash Creator (for video streaming), Maybe more servers, more IT technicians, some type of network linking servers between stock market floor and wikiecnomics to be able to show real-time quotes of stocks.
Development wikien: I don't know! Someone could help me?

This is project in which people will be able to look up real time quotes of stocks. they will also be able to look at info about the stock that other have made, this would be the portion where the public would be able to edit things.. There would also be a chart depicting past closing and opening prices of the stock. There will be a section on the main page where a person can type the name a ticker of a stock that they would like to see on wikieconomics. There will be talk page that the public can also edit on a stocks' page, in which they can give investment advice on that stock. Not only that but, unlike other business or stock related websites, this would have all information on just a single page. This would make it easier for investors since they won't need to look at multiple pages or go to different websites.

Proposed by[edit]

Doorknob 747

Alternative names[edit]

wikistocks or wikistockmarket

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People interested[edit]

Doorknob747#Doorknob747 (talk)

Affect on Wikimedia in whole[edit]

A possible extreme high increase in the average number of viewers of a Wikimedia project in a single day. Has a high chance of also having more entries than the number of entries on Wikipedia, which could make this proposed project Wikimedia's new largest project!!!!

  • Stock market data is proprietary and is not free. It is generally only available under specific licenses that are unlikely to align with the WMF principles. Providing "investment advice" is illegal in a number of countries for unqualified individuals (although general commentary is allowed) and therefore it would almost certainly not be possible to have this as part of the "mission." I'm actually struggling to see how this project would be anything more than a forum for people to chat about stocks and investments. This kind of use case does not fit well with MediaWiki. QuiteUnusual (talk) 17:30, 5 February 2014 (UTC)[reply]


website will contain a box on the side that will show most recently searched stocks you have searched with their price changes next to them. There would also be a function on the website in which people would be able to track down the company that acquired an old defunct company. On the main page or recently looked up stocks there should be a calculator. on a stocks' age there should be a medium sized rectangular box in which there should be Wikinews clips about any new news or information about the stock. There could also be a area on the home page that shows a streaming video, powered by Wikinews, of the closing bell stand at, 8:59:45am {h:mm:ss} to 9:00:15am (opening bell), and 3:59:45pm to 4:00:15pm (closing bell). This would give investors a heads up when the stock market is closing or opening.