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Wikigears should be a database of code (in an interpreted language, like Python) that can be used directly from the site itself.

I mean that in the first page there is a shell (or a desktop in future) to run pieces of code in the database. On the other hand, pieces of code are organized as in every wiki, and anyone can look at the source code and edit it. Then he can try the new code from the main page.

I understand that this idea is far from other wikimedia projects, but I think it can grow only with the support of a large comunity. Furthermore it is a new way of interpreting "wiki" giving it much power: try to think to a wiki operative system.

For stability, the code could be organized in different levels: core, operative system, applications; also we can think about relases of proved stability (like debian testing->stable process).

Try the demostration!

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  • Wikigears
  • Wikios

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I manage a first step. Visit this site, and try the shell. Since I'm not a programmer of any kind, it's quite complicated to use. Im sure we can simplify and strengthen. Wikigear's Demo

Wikigears/Gears <- This is not working, by now...

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