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Wikigeography is a planned Wikimedia project that will provide geographical information. It is not the same as Wikitravel - a tourist guide but it is modelled on Wikispecies. The geography articles are meant to be more in-depth than the coverage on the Wikipedias.

Currently the site (where I am a sysop there) is locked at the moment, but it will be relaunched soon.

This page is a formal project proposal for the Wikigeography project. Please add ideas and thoughts to Talk:Wikigeography.



The purpose of the Wikigeography project, which could reside at a URL like http://en.wikigeography.org is to provide in-depth geographical material for students of geography. Whatever degree they're doing - A-level, GCSE, University - the project is workable.



Q: Does Wikiversity compete with any Wikimedia projects?

No, it takes elements of them but is not the same project. It has elements of Wikispecies in that plantforms are covered, and Wikipedia in that encyclopedic material is covered. However, unlike both of those, it will be more in-depth since the average Wikipedia user uses the site as a research tool and many are not university or college students doing serious research.

Q: Considering the nature of some geographical subject matter, how will you handle disputes (e.g. w:en:Global warming which was discussed at their Arbitration Committee's request page)

An arbitration committee will be appointed, and m:Stewards can be called upon as CheckUsers until we have 2 users elected and willing to identify themselves to the foundation. (Mirrored from original site policy - Stewards will only use checkuser until 2 users are elected and identify themselves to the site admin!)

Q: Why is this not at Wikibooks or Wikiversity? This is proposed here since it is too in-depth for either site.