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Wikigrammar is a proposed project for Wikimedia.

Why this project?[edit]

It is a fact that today we must improve our language skills and this not just in our native language as it is possible to learn other languages through the internet. The grammar of each language must be at anyone's hand nowadays not just if he/she buyes an expensive book or e-book. Even in our native languages we have something to learn all the time.


I propose to be two kind of internationalization. First of them is the language subdomain which is very clear about its scope (the language of the website). The second one is the fact that - for example - English Wikigrammar (en.wikigrammar.org) contains not just English grammar but other languages grammar in English language presentation.


  1. Persons who want to improve their language skills
  2. Students
  3. Persons who want to learn other languages
  4. Persons who want to see grammar differences
  5. ...