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This page is about transwikis into and out of the Wikikernel (Wikimedia Trial Wiki, Wikimedia Incubator, or other name) project.

Transwikis into Wikikernel[edit]

In general, there would be no transwikis into Wikikernel from other Wikimedia projects.

This is an effect of the Policies. New projects on Wikikernel must pass a vote before you cannot start the trial. You cannot just create content on Wikibooks or Wikipedia first, and then transwiki everything to Wikikernel without having the vote.


  • In some cases, content previously acceptable at Wikibooks, Wikipedia, or another Wikimedia project might become out of scope because of a policy change. In this case, while changing the policy on the existing Wikimedia project, it might be appropriate to also have a vote to see if the old content could become a Wikikernel project. If the vote passes, the old content would transwiki to Wikikernel.
  • You might still adapt content, the way that some books at Wikibooks include modified Wikipedia articles. This is not a transwiki because the content is not removed from the existing Wikimedia project. Adaptations require the license to be compatible, for example if both projects use the GNU Free Documentation License.

Transwikis from Wikikernel to new wikis[edit]

At some point, a successful Wikikernel project might pass a vote for actually becoming a new Wikimedia project, then also become approved by the Board of the Wikimedia Foundation, then the new wiki or wikis are created. The technical situation is then: how to move the content from Wikikernel to the new wiki?

We might need a bot or developer to automate the task of moving several pages from Wikikernel to the new wiki or wikis.