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WikiLex is a proposal for an online lexicon that would provide the reader with an insight to the origin of words (subject to debate - Latin vs. Greek origin for example). Users could see how a contemporary word with unclear meaning originated from words with a very precise meaning but changed through modifications of the word through time.

This proposal would also include an ability to enter a word and see a 3D map of where that particular word is used in the world and see the same word in different languages throughout the world. An interesting possibility would also be to enter a word and a time to see if a particular word was known to be used during a time period.

Benefits of WikiLex: 1. Create a healthy debate with other online members as to the origins of words. 2. Gain a deeper understanding of how words came to exist, and why they came to exist. 3. Gain knowledge of word origins to promote a greater understanding of our many languages. 4. Ability to correlate word origins to the migration of people throughout history.