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Wikilyrics would be an editable "encyclopedia" for lyrics. People may add, edit, or remove pages and write/correct lyrics.

Proposed by[edit]

Curlyfries12 (Curlyfries12 22:02, 21 March 2010 (UTC)) (Sarah)[reply]

Alternative names[edit]

Wikisongs, perhaps?

Related Wikimedia projects/proposals[edit]

None that I know of.

Possible domain names[edit]

www.wikilyrics.org (It is unused)

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Users can add songs to the webpage given that they also provide the lyrics. Further, it is possible to add translations of existing lyrics to other languages, or request a translation to a certain language. Multiple translations of a songtext to the same language can exist.

While being close to the idea of a wiki, there are some major differencs. First and foremost, every songtext or translation has an owner. Other users can only suggest changes to a songtext or translation by writing a publicly visible comment directly under the songtext or translation, posting in the forum of the webpage or sending a personal message to the author or to someone from a special group of users having the rights to edit existing lyrics (see FAQ#2.5, for information on special user groups see StaffRoles).


https://wiki-lyrics.com/, http://wikilyrics.wikispaces.com/, http://wikilyrics.net/

People interested[edit]