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Wikimédia France/Interview (2004-06-23)

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This is a log from an IRC conversation on 23 June 2004. Aoineko (a founding member of the association) answers questions from Tomos about a Francophone Association. The purpose of this page is to share information about local chapters with those who would like to know more.

See also a later interview with Yann.


I would like to add a point. Aoi said Jimbo would not be a member of the association. I think it was a mistake. I think he will probably be a honorary member. In the first proposition by villy, the board was of 3 people, plus a wikimedia representant (Jimbo). this representant has a higher voting weight than the others. Anthere 23:47, 23 Jun 2004 (UTC)


<tomos_> so how is french association making is going?
<aoineko> yes
<aoineko> is going right
<tomos_> You know, I really want to know a lot more about what is going on in 
other wikipedias.
<aoineko> slowly, but right ;o)
<aoineko> in fact, we have also a lawer
<aoineko> he discussed a lot with Jimbo
<tomos_> Yann ?
<aoineko> and they made a planning
<tomos_> Is he a lawyer?
<aoineko> no
<tomos_> someone else?
<tomos_> not a french wikipedian
<aoineko> Villy
<aoineko> Yann is our handler
<tomos_> I have seen that name.
<aoineko> he is wikipedien
<aoineko> French one
<tomos_> good. :)
<tomos_> May I keep this log and later publish it, by the way?
<aoineko> now we are discussing association's goal :o)
<aoineko> add creating a temporary board
<aoineko> sure
<tomos_> Q&A session about french association by Aoineko and Tomos.
<tomos_> :)
<tomos_> somewhere on meta.
<aoineko> ;o)
<tomos_> and maybe on ja.
<aoineko> I have no shame on my poor english :oD
<tomos_> :-D you should not. At least I cannot tell any problem.
<tomos_> Q. So is it going to be like a local version of the Wikimedia 
<aoineko> yes
<tomos_> having same kind of goals?
<aoineko> we are now discussing it
<aoineko> but I think :
<aoineko> - promote French, francophone and other WP
<tomos_> Q. What are the expected benefits of having a french organization?
<tomos_> Its own budget?
<tomos_> Its own server?
<tomos_> Stronger ties among members?
<aoineko> I didn't finisheed goals yet :op
<tomos_> oh. I
<tomos_> I'm sorry. please go on, then. :)
<aoineko> ;o)
<aoineko> - get money to parent association and local one
<aoineko> - organize meetings
<aoineko> heu...
<aoineko> I'm forgoting something...
<aoineko> :o)
<aoineko> juste a minute
<tomos_> sure.
<aoineko> oki
<aoineko> - publish content from fr.wp
<tomos_> ah.
<tomos_> that's of course important.
<aoineko> and all way to get money (sell T-Shirt, etc)
<tomos_> you know another benefit?
<tomos_> I think contract is legally easier when there is a foundation.
<aoineko> donation
<aoineko> contract ?
<aoineko> ho, yes
<tomos_> like getting permission from a big independent media company.
<aoineko> I fact, in France many thing are impossible without legal bylaw
<aoineko> permission to publish media content ?
<tomos_> if one wikipedian gets a permission about one pictue, and the 
wikipedian leaves. there is no good record of it.
<tomos_> if there is an association, it is easier to keep record, and have some 
<tomos_> lasting party in a contract or getting a permission.
<aoineko> yes, sure
<tomos_> like a picture or an article.
<aoineko> yes
<tomos_> I think it could be more large-scale.
<aoineko> yes
<tomos_> I remember Erik Moeller having a deal with some European media company.
<aoineko> about what ?
<tomos_> permission to use news reports to wikipedia
<aoineko> freely ?
<aoineko> = under GFDL ?
<tomos_> I think so.
<aoineko> actually, we are building bases of the association
<aoineko> we made pages en wp
<aoineko> and start speaking "seriously" about it
<aoineko> we made planing
<aoineko> and discute it with Jimbo
<aoineko> according to this planing, it should take about 6 month to rise the 
<tomos_> Interesting. :)
<aoineko> ho! I forgot
<aoineko> We planed membership fee
<aoineko> 20-25 euros
<aoineko> ~20$
<tomos_> any planned expenses?
<tomos_> anything to purchase?
<aoineko> not yet planed
<tomos_> how many members are expected?
<tomos_> about 10, 25, 50, 100, or..?
<aoineko> but we have not consensus about the fact of create a mirror in France 
or not
<aoineko> first plan : 10
<aoineko> but hope many more ;o)
<tomos_> sure. :-)
<aoineko> start budget plan is 500 euros
<tomos_> so, the goal and activities of the association is still very open, you 
would say?
<aoineko> money is for : leaflet, create T-shirt, publication like WikiReader
<aoineko> is still discussed ;o)
<aoineko> we **have** to decide
<tomos_> I see.
<aoineko> I think we have better to restart this discussion on few days
<tomos_> any idea of having a physical office?
<aoineko> I don't think so
<aoineko> it's expensive
<aoineko> I'll ask :o)
<tomos_> how about organizational structure?
<tomos_> Board ?
<aoineko> ho! I fact, it's required
<aoineko> the the physical office will be at the home pf president :o)
<aoineko> yes board
<aoineko> similar to MediaWiki
<tomos_> Having Jimbo as a member?
<aoineko> I don't think so
<tomos_> I see.
<aoineko> but our association will be a leaf ot MediaWiki
<aoineko> ot=of
<tomos_> And the association does not make decisions on fr.wikipedia matters?
<aoineko> in fact, I will first vote for temporary board
<aoineko> no
<aoineko> or perhaps to copyright issu
<aoineko> problem is association become physically liable
<tomos_> For example, if someboday asks the board member of the association to 
delete some content, 
<aoineko> if tehre are law breaking they must delete it
<tomos_> but, think about this:
<tomos_> if five english wikipedians living in yokohama forms an association, 
<aoineko> yes
<tomos_> they do not have any responsibility over deletion issues of english 
<tomos_> those five people are not even administrators. they just get together 
and drink, and plan to publish some articles in paper.
<aoineko> I don't know what is the link between association and server
<tomos_> French association can be like that.
<tomos_> If people want it to be.
<aoineko> I think you are right
<aoineko> especially if server is in US
<aoineko> if it is in France, I think association memeber can be consider to 
have responsability on content
<tomos_> and if fr. association is not very much part of wikimedia foundation.
<aoineko> hum...
<aoineko> fr.wikimedia -> en.wikimedia -> server
<aoineko> perhaps we can be considered as responsable even if server are in 
US :o/
<tomos_> fr. association can relay message to Wikimedia Foundation, or fr. page 
for VfD.
<aoineko> VfD ?
<aoineko> oki
<aoineko> (Vote for Deletion)
<tomos_> Votes for Deletion.
<aoineko> :o)
<tomos_> :) yes.
<tomos_> Any plan on WikiReader?
<aoineko> more than "can", I think they "must" relay it
<aoineko> yes
<aoineko> sure :o)
<tomos_> perhaps. ("must")
<tomos_> which subject?
<aoineko> we loved to publish one !
<aoineko> perhaps on Japan :o)
<tomos_> :)
<aoineko> or Ancient Egypt
<tomos_> There is a WikiReader project in de.
<tomos_> Oh, I see, Egyptopedia project!
<aoineko> we didn't decided yet
<aoineko> 予定だけ ;)
<tomos_> Now that you got Hiero support even.
<tomos_> Are initial association members active fr. wikipedians?
<aoineko> But we think is a wonderful way to distribute free content and to 
promote ourselve
<aoineko> ho!! 4am, I have to be wakeup in 4 hours :o))
<aoineko> Have a nice day and see you soon !
<aoineko> I save the log, if you need
<tomos_> okay, thanks for sharing the information!
<tomos_> I think I save it too. But I might ask later if I need. Is that okay?
<tomos_> have a tight sleep and nice day. :)