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Wikimania 2008: On Air, in four continents[edit]

  • Link to proposal on mailing list: Wikimania2008-preparation (not yet installed)
  • Wikimania 2008 - on Air
  • Domain name: Wikimania2008.wikimedia.org
  • Scope: Preparation of Wikimania 2008. And if by then, the New Airbus A380 could be available, we want to use it.
  • Details: Wikimania on Air: Since we want to meet all People working on Wikipedia, we should give everybody the chance to meet everyone. Therefore, the conference itself will be on a plane which will have stops in 4 continents.
  • Proposer: Hanno 'Rince' Wagner
  • People interested joining:
  • Relevant links:
  • Possible sponsors: Airbus Industries