Wikimania-Meetings/9 February 2005

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Things discussed and decided:

Registration fees

  • entrance fees (no accomodation or food provided)
    • will be 15 Euros per person for a single day, 35 for the whole conference
  • entrance fees + breakfast + 1 meal/day + accomodation
    • 120 euros (8-12 people room), 140 euros (4 people room) and 160 euros (2 people room) per person (4 nights, 4 meals)

payment methods

  • elian opens a bank account in Germany
  • use paypal/credit card for the international accounting?


wikimania website

  • was agreed to be at
  • a public read/private edit wiki will be set up there (brion)
  • brion will write a registration frontend
    • We need SSL encryption for relevant data, get a offical certificate?

press issues

  • there will be a press accreditation with a contact form beforehand
  • separate mail address in the otrs:
  • press team:
    • akl (german)
    • anthere (french)
    •  ??? (english)

Wikimania:Call for papers

  • text
  • list of addresses
  • a separate program meeting will be held next week
when and where? -- Nichtich 12:53, 15 Feb 2005 (UTC)

otrs (groups and addresses should work now, please contact Elian if you want to help with one of the groups):

  • General information: (elian, nota)
  • Press contacts: (akl, anthere)
  • Call for papers: (angela, nichtich, sj, erik)