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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2005, Frankfurt, Germany.

On Wikiproxy, auto-classification of documents, and unusual applications of wikipedia[edit]

  • Author(s): Stefan Magdalinski
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About the author: Stefan Magdalinski has been involved in making websites since 1996. Since the demise of UpMyStreet, of which he was founder and Chief Technology Officer, he has been travelling, freelancing, and devoting energies to a number of worthy but non-profits, primarily Theyworkforyou.




The wikiproxy dynamically links "Proper Noun Phrases" in BBC News Online stories, typically names of people or organisations, to their appropriate entries in wikipedia. Since the original version, the same idea has been deployed on, turned into a Greasemonkey script, and more.

However, this is not the only use. There a number of interesting applications that derive from not only the knowledge, but the meta-knowledge that wikipedia captures.

I will outline how some of these applications work, what others there might be, and finish with some ideas that a wikipedia API could deliver, way beyond a humble (!) encyclopedia.