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This page is part of the Proceedings of Wikimania 2005, Frankfurt, Germany.

Poster: Morcego - Wiki 3D visualization framework[edit]

  • Author(s): Luis Henrique Fagundes
  • Audience: WIKITECH
  • License: GFDL
  • Language: English
  • Type: Poster

About the author


Recent Wiki technology has allowed information to be easily built and organized in network structure, opposed to traditional linear structure provided by analogic media, reflecting with more accuracy the way we store information in our mind. But understanding the information as a network requires reading and understanding of the concepts involved. Considering this matter, Arca - Brazilian free software development group - developed Morcego, a tool for 3D visual perception, analysis and navigation on graph-like structures.

The first version of Morcego was relased on 20/05/2004 under LGPL and integrated in TikiWiki 1.9 (that was only in cvs on that time). With this version, it's possible to view a wiki structure in 3D, rotate, drag nodes and navigate through whole network. For next version the code has been completely refactored to support more consistent growing, so in further versions we will be able to easily add a lot of new features.

This poster will consist of two big screenshots of Morcego, showing a network of connected key ideas from different angles. From each node there will be a text box with a brief explanation. It won't have much text, ilustrating its purpose of fast understanding of concepts by visual perception of relations.

Poster in PDF format