Wikimania05/Submission guide

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Wikimania proceeding 2005 contains a compilation of presentations, papers and workshops. Authors like you are encouraged to sumbit your work with reference to the following writing guides. These guides are created to ensure readability and consistency of the materials so please try your best to comply with them :).

Stages of submission[edit]

  • missing
  • original submission
  • editing by editors
  • for author approval
  • final copy edit
  • frozen/done

At the top of each paper, will be bar indicating the status. See Wikimania05/Edit status for a complete view of what this will look like.


You can start creating your article by creating an account. You can try out editing at our sandbox: Edit the sandbox. We recommend guidelines from [First Monday] for reference.


Before a submission sample is completed, here are some basic guidelines for general formatting and referencing:

  1. Please try to locate the link of your paper on the index page, if not, you can contact us : cfp at

Note: All contributions to Wikibooks are considered to be released under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). The GFDL ensures that Wikibooks will remain freely distributable forever. Do not submit copyrighted work unless you have permission from the author to license it under the GFDL. See Wikibooks:Copyrights for more information.

Additional material[edit]

If you have slides and additional material (tables, lists, sourcecode...) that we don't already have, please also upload them. Please use an open file format (e.g. OpenOffic) so other people can reuse your data. PDF is also possible but not that useful. Name all your files with your submission id, for instance:

Wikimania05-ID-Slides.sxi - for your slides if your id is "ID"
Wikimania05-ID-Data.sxc - for your original data if your id is "ID"