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You can choose to stay directly at the conference location, in the Haus der Jugend.

Rates for the full conference are:

  • 2 person room  : 120 €
  • 4 person room  : 100 €
  • 8-12 person room : 80 €

This price includes breakfast and accommodation for four nights.

There are around 300 places. Speakers and members of the organisation team get priority.

Accommodation outside[edit]

Other Youth hostels[edit]

Nearby Hotels[edit]

  • The Steigenberger Hotel (4 stars, in the city center, rooms for 90 Euros/night)
  • The Royal and Primus hotels, 200 and 800 meters from the Hau der Jugend. 3 stars, 55 Euros/night.
  • The Hotel Am Berg. Small hotel with 21 rooms. It is located in Sachsenhausen, near U/S Südbahnhof and close to the Haus der Jugend (approximately 10-15 minutes walk). Price for single room with breakfast about 50€ (with Shower/Toilet) or 30€ (Shower on the floor???).

For cheap hotels in the center Frankfurt see also:

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