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Wikimania 2005:Special thanks

From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki

The organisation team wishes to give their special thanks to:

  • Jimbo Wales, for making all of this possible
  • Brion Vibber, for adminstering this wiki and the servers that run it
  • Jason Richey, for helping get our merchant provider sorted out
  • Our many translators, including:
    • German: Louisana, Duesentrieb, Poppy
    • French: Nicolas Weeger (Ryo), Jean-Christophe Chazalette (villy), FoeNyx, Meanos, Traroth
    • Esperanto: ArnoLagrange, Gangleri, Marvin
    • Spanish: Ascánder, Astronomo
    • Italian: Frieda Brioschi (Frieda), Roberto Frangi (Snowdog)
    • Japanese: Angelix
    • Dutch: Dedalus, Arvey, Foeke, GerardM, Gpvos, Oscar
    • Polish: Polimerek, Datrio, Kpjas
    • Chinese: Wing, Yongxinge
    • Other languages: Hakeem, JB82, DIG, Isam