Wikimania 2005 conference report

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Some points the overall report should cover (a very preliminary draft):

  • Operations
    1. Budgeting
      • Sponsorship identification and other fundraising
    2. Scheduling
      • Programme of presentations
      • Social events, parties for attendees and special guests
      • Coordination with local venues and related events (Eo: / tangential events, city calendars)
  • Coordination
    1. Wiki/IRC/other coordination before the event
    2. Wiki/IRC/in-person coordination during the event
      • IRC channels
      • Mailing lists / other announcement channels
      • Discussion pages (wikimania-wide, per event)
      • Group discussions (roundtables, brainstorming workshops)
    3. Coordination between organizers and speakers/guests
    4. Coordination between press, observers, and community members
    5. Volunteer and staff identification, delegation, communication
  • Program & Content
    1. Conference presentations
      • Workshops, Tutorials
      • Presentations
      • Posters, Papers (Proceedings)
    2. Video, audio, transcripts online
      • Conference presentations
      • Interviews with attendees by media
      • Interviews of attendees by one another
    3. Proceedings
      • Text and slides
      • Discussions, followup; print and archival formats (for the future?)
  • Events
    1. Competitions
      • Long-standing, planned (Media, Writing)
      • For fun (Trivia, &c.)
    2. Parties (Dinner, drinks, dancing)
    3. Gatherings (ice-brekers, opening/closing meals, photo shoots)
    4. Outings (City tour, library visit, museum visits, &c.)
  • Content analysis
    1. Breadth
      • Types of events - speeches, tutorials, posters, jam sessions, riverwalks, contests
      • Key subject areas (speeches, papers, et al)
      • Key projects
      • Key academic and other disciplines)
    2. Depth
      • Novice and expert content for each major subject/discipline
      • Tracks introducing people to detailed content in a new area
    3. Multilingualism
      • Attraction of speakers and attendees from many language backgrounds
      • Live interpretation for attendees
      • Translations of the website, programme, abstracts, proceedings