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Wikimania 2006/Distribution lists/Speaker invitation

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Dear [Invitee],

We would like to invite you to speak at Wikimania 2006, the second annual
conference of the Wikimedia Foundation, which supports Wikipedia and its
sister projects. Wikimania will be held this year in Cambridge,
Massachusetts at Harvard Law School, from 4-6 August.
 [We'd particularly like to invite you to speak on topic p, as this would]
 [be a great contribution to the conference theme of q; in particular... ]

Wikimania will be an interdisciplinary forum, where the enthusiastic
community behind the Wikimedia projects and interested researchers and
practitioners can meet to share ideas.  Conference themes include the
improvement and authority of Wikimedia projects; the dynamics of large
online communities; free licensing, the creative commons, and the
dissemination of knowledge; and wiki software development.  The beautiful
cities of Cambridge and Boston have attractions of their own, and group 
outings are planned after the end of the conference.

We expect an international audience of hundreds of people, and extensive
media coverage.  Last year's conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany,
with 380 participants from 50 countries.

We are looking forward to an exciting conference and very much hope that
you will attend and speak.  Let us know your availability as soon as
you can.  For more information, including our Call for Participation,
please see http://wikimania2006.wikimedia.org; don't hesitate to contact
[us] personally with any questions.

  <name> <email>
  Wikimania Program Team