Wikimania 2007/Bids/Judging

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City bids are evaluated by a jury in mid-September to reduce the field of bids to the most promising finalists. At the end of the month, after asking the bid proposers to fill in gaps and details, the jury will meet to select the winning city.


A meeting will be held by September 15th to winnow the field of city bids down to at most 4 bids. The jury will consist of 10 people:

  • the members of the Board: Angela, Anthere, Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis, Tim Shell
  • the core organisation team of Wikimania 2006 (Phoebe Ayers, Austin Hair, Samuel Klein and Delphine Ménard)
  • Andrew Lih.


A general meeting (to discuss bids and ask/reply to last-minute questions) will be held after the final deadline for completed bids. This meeting will be public and will happen with bidding teams and whoever is interested in freenode channel #wikimania on September 23rd at 15.00 UTC. The final vote will be held by the jury afterwards.