Wikimania 2010 Stockholm/logs/28 August 2008

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 20:11:40 <Mike_H>	we can start the meeting in a minute
 20:11:44 <Mike_H>	let me pull up a page I want to reference
 20:12:26 <PatriciaR>	Bjelleklang: are you logging?
 20:12:33 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 20:12:47 <PatriciaR>	ok, me too just in case :)
 20:12:51 <Bjelleklang>	:)
 20:13:16 <Wegge>	 Me also
 20:13:42 <Bjelleklang>	:p
 20:13:50 <Mike_H>	Any of the Finns are more than welcome to invite Cathlyn into the room
 20:13:53 <Wegge>	I use a proxy for IRC; it logs everything by default, so if I'm around the channel is logged. Privately by default of course.
 20:13:54 <Mike_H>	if she's going to be talking about it in -fi
 20:14:02 <Mike_H>	she can come and sit in if she has an open mind about it.
 20:14:04 <Mike_H>	I'm just saying.
 20:14:26 <PatriciaR>	we ended up not writing down an agenda on Meta, I think because it was a little bit short-noticed, but at least we can start with main points we should address
 20:14:33 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: I have a few points
 20:14:37 <Mike_H>	just let me bring up the page
 20:14:45 <PatriciaR>	ok
 20:14:45 <Mike_H>	this should be a time where I bring up a lot of stuff, as mentor at least
 20:15:41 <Mike_H>	okay
 20:15:41 <Mike_H>	I'm ready.
 20:16:23 <Bjelleklang>	also, there is some points listed on the news template at meta
 20:16:31 <Mike_H>	did you add anything new?
 20:16:35 <Bjelleklang>	[[m:Template:Wikimania_2010_Stockholm/news]]
 20:16:36 <Bjelleklang>	nah
 20:16:44 <Mike_H>	well, even if you didn't, do you mind running through them in the chat for the people who are here?
 20:17:49 <Bjelleklang>	sure
 20:18:07 <Bjelleklang>	only three points there:
 20:18:14 <Bjelleklang>	# The next few steps for the bid team.
 20:18:18 <Bjelleklang>	# If there are any special roles needed within the team, this should be assigned or at least discussed.
 20:18:21 <Bjelleklang>	# Possible sponsors and grants.
 20:18:47 <Mike_H>	Perfect.
 20:18:49 <Mike_H>	Hi Seddon
 20:18:52 <Mike_H>	we've locked the room on m
 20:18:55 <Mike_H>	so you can view it
 20:19:00 <Mike_H>	but the bid team will be doing the talking today. :)
 20:19:11 <Mike_H>	everyone with a + is on the bid team
 20:19:17 <Mike_H>	which reminds me, I'm going to be introducing the bid team
 20:19:23 <Mike_H>	before we go through the news template.
 20:19:34 <Mike_H>	I want to introduce the people from Sweden first
 20:19:47 <Mike_H>	we have Fluff Abrahamsson, you can see him here by fluff, say hello please :)
 20:19:59 *	PatriciaR waves at fluff
 20:20:22 *	fluff says Hello
 20:20:30 <Mike_H>	and that leads me to my next introduction
 20:20:40 <fluff>	a little partly occupied, that's why I've been silent
 20:20:45 <Mike_H>	Patricia Rodrigues, she goes by PatriciaR, and she is our person in Stockholm
 20:20:59 <PatriciaR>	hello!
 20:21:17 <Mike_H>	Then we have Henrik Abelsson, if you're there give a shout
 20:21:19 *	henrik waves at everyone!
 20:21:22 <Mike_H>	:D
 20:21:28 <Mike_H>	and then finally we have Mikael Lindmark
 20:21:42 <MikaelLindmark>	:-D
 20:21:55 <Mike_H>	now we move on to the land of the fjords, Norway. :)
 20:22:06 *	PatriciaR waves at henrik and MikaelLindmark and everybody else ;)
 20:22:07 <Mike_H>	It's my pleasure to introduce first, the Wikimania veteran himself, Jon Harald Soby
 20:22:10 <Mike_H>	Jhs in the chat tonight.
 20:22:27 <Jhs>	i'm here
 20:22:32 <Jhs>	but i'm making dinner right now XD
 20:22:35 <Mike_H>	:P
 20:22:42 <Mike_H>	Then we have Lars Aage Kamfjord
 20:22:45 <Mike_H>	he goes by Laaknor
 20:23:11 <Mike_H>	I suppose he's around...
 20:23:26 <Mike_H>	and then our third person is the op in the channel :D
 20:23:42 <Mike_H>	Christoffer Hafsahl, who is Bjelleklang.
 20:24:03 <Mike_H>	and that's it from Norway.
 20:24:04 *	Bjelleklang wishes everyone welcome by slapping Mike_H around with a large trout!
 20:24:10 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: :O
 20:24:13 <Mike_H>	it's probably a herring :<
 20:24:17 <Bjelleklang>	might be
 20:24:18 <PatriciaR>	:D
 20:24:28 <Mike_H>	and then we have two people from Denmark!
 20:24:37 <Mike_H>	Carina Tangsgaard (CarinaT)
 20:24:41 <CarinaT>	hi
 20:24:42 <Mike_H>	and Anders Wegge Keller (Wegge)
 20:25:12 <Wegge>	Hi
 20:25:21 <Mike_H>	finally, there is me, all the way in America, and I'm playing the role of mentor. As you may or may not know, I chaired the bid for Wikimania 2008 in Atlanta, which came in second place to Alexandria.
 20:25:25 <Mike_H>	and that's the team. :)
 20:25:35 <Mike_H>	If there are any Finns who are interested in joining the team
 20:25:37 <Mike_H>	they can either pm me
 20:25:40 <Mike_H>	or Bjelleklang
 20:25:42 <Mike_H>	for more information.
 20:25:42 <Mike_H>	:)
 20:25:48 <PatriciaR>	thank you for the presentation, Mike_H
 20:25:57 <Mike_H>	You're welcome! We can move to the news template now. :)
 20:26:04 <Bjelleklang>	yay
 20:26:27 <Bjelleklang>	ok: what will the next few steps be for us?
 20:26:35 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: writing the thing? :P
 20:26:45 <Mike_H>	which reminds me
 20:26:49 <Mike_H>	now that everybody is here
 20:27:00 <Mike_H>	I think it would be beneficial to at least read the proposal for Wikimania 2008 Atlanta
 20:27:08 <Mike_H>	because I feel to be successful in the bid process
 20:27:19 <Mike_H>	we have to emulate how it's written in some fashion (and add some unique stuff along the way)
 20:27:26 <Mike_H>
 20:27:51 <Mike_H>	Jhs has contributed a Wikimania Sweden logo, replacing the old colors with the blue and yellow from the Swedish flag
 20:28:03 <Mike_H>	and you'll see in the Atlanta logo, we swapped the red and blue around to have the American effect :)
 20:28:09 <Bjelleklang>	I'd also like everyone to take a look at the winning bid for 2009!
 20:28:21 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: Yes, I'd like to see that, because I have not read it.
 20:28:27 <Bjelleklang>	sec
 20:28:42 <Laaknor>	sorry I'm late here - was in another meeting (will read the logs later)
 20:28:46 <Bjelleklang>	[[m:Wikimania_2009/Bids/Buenos_Aires]]
 20:29:04 <Bjelleklang>	Laaknor: no problem, just started :) You didn't miss much
 20:29:18 <Mike_H>	KaareBot is malfunctioning
 20:29:21 <Mike_H>	can you provide the exact link?
 20:29:38 <PatriciaR>	the Buenos Aires bid is a bit simpler in presentation, I think
 20:29:44 <PatriciaR>
 20:30:13 <Mike_H>	You're right, it is.
 20:30:19 <Mike_H>	It's still well-written though.
 20:30:34 <Mike_H>	My feelings are, the jury process can be a bit harsh for people who haven't gone through it
 20:30:38 <Mike_H>	because they ask EVERYTHING.
 20:30:42 <Mike_H>	If it isn't there, they'll ask why it isn't there.
 20:30:47 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 20:30:48 <Mike_H>	So in Atlanta's case
 20:30:51 <Mike_H>	we went with something very elaborate
 20:30:56 <Mike_H>	something that left "no stone unturned"
 20:31:06 <Mike_H>	and it took us about six weeks to do
 20:31:14 <Mike_H>	and considering we have, what, more than six months?
 20:31:23 <Mike_H>	it should be very easy to replicate should we want to do that route.
 20:31:23 <PatriciaR>	I like the approach of having "strenghts vs. weaknesses"
 20:31:42 <Bjelleklang>	same here
 20:31:48 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: well, that's one of the requirements in the bid itself. One thing we did is that we had strengths and weaknesses listed by category.
 20:31:50 <Mike_H>	Let me link.
 20:32:02 <Mike_H>
 20:32:16 <Mike_H>	and not only did we have the weaknesses down there
 20:32:26 <Mike_H>	we had active solutions on how to make those weaknesses less...weak :)
 20:32:37 <PatriciaR>	good :)
 20:32:53 <CarinaT>	yes very good
 20:33:31 <Mike_H>	and strengths are very important to...
 20:33:34 <Mike_H>	not so much "play up"
 20:33:39 <Mike_H>	but to let people know who may not know.
 20:33:48 <Mike_H>
 20:33:52 <Mike_H>	I'm personally proud of #1
 20:33:57 <Mike_H>	on that "safety strengths" list
 20:34:04 <Jhs>	we should try and get a mailing list, folks, where we can share ideas and thoughts in non-real-time
 20:34:19 <PatriciaR>	agree
 20:34:30 <Mike_H>	Jhs: it would have to be hosted by someone else, because they won't give a bid a mailing list.
 20:34:35 <PatriciaR>	who do we contact to get one going?
 20:34:36 <Mike_H>	We never had one and none of the other 2008 bids had one.
 20:34:37 <henrik>	Jhs: Absolutely. I'd be happy to host it.
 20:34:44 <Jhs>	Mike_H, yeah, not a problem. we have henrik ;)
 20:34:46 <Mike_H>	henrik: perfect! thank you!
 20:34:48 <henrik>	PatriciaR: I can do it.
 20:34:56 <PatriciaR>	great! thank you!
 20:35:10 <Mike_H>	but yeah, that's the kind of writing I personally think is beneficial for "strengths"
 20:35:15 <Mike_H>	everyone go to the last link
 20:35:18 <Mike_H>	and read #1 :)
 20:35:38 <Jhs>	now, dinner time. i'll be back in ~15-20minutes
 20:35:58 <MikaelLindmark>	I like the mailing list idea
 20:36:43 <PatriciaR>	well, we're the capital of Scandinavia :P and Sweden is well known to be a peaceful, neutral country, so we can have those among the major strenghts :D
 20:36:56 <Mike_H>	Oh, yes, I think that would be a good play to do
 20:36:58 <PatriciaR>	(politically neutral)
 20:37:09 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: tying it into "NPOV" would be kind of cute too ;)
 20:37:19 <PatriciaR>	heh
 20:37:30 <PatriciaR>	the land of NPOV
 20:37:49 <Bjelleklang>	hehe
 20:38:29 <Mike_H>	one thing I did with the bid
 20:38:35 <Mike_H>	which was actually really praised
 20:38:45 <Mike_H>	and not something that was even asked of me, but became a useful reference
 20:38:52 <Mike_H>	is that I created a list of places of worship
 20:38:56 <Mike_H>	so while people are away from home
 20:39:03 <Mike_H>	they can still go to church/synagogue/mosque if they choose.
 20:39:11 <PatriciaR>	that's a great idea
 20:39:11 <Mike_H>
 20:39:48 <PatriciaR>	and Stockholm has very diverse communities, it will not be difficult to find different places of worship around the city
 20:40:18 <Mike_H>	Okay
 20:40:22 <Mike_H>	so take a look over the Atlanta bid
 20:40:22 <PatriciaR>	we should look up some demographic data to support this
 20:40:26 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: yes
 20:40:28 <Mike_H>	that's very important
 20:40:52 <Mike_H>	look over the Atlanta bid and tell me one thing that sticks out to you that you personally want to see in the Stockholm bid, tailored for Sweden and the Nordic countries.
 20:42:10 <Mike_H>	Anyone got something ready that they like?
 20:43:38 <Wegge>	The bit about transportation is a must in my eyes.
 20:43:46 <PatriciaR>	hard to say... perhaps focusing on how easy is to access Stockholm, especially from North America and Europe in general, because that was cause for much brawling on the BA bid
 20:43:56 <PatriciaR>	or rather, after it was known it was BA
 20:44:02 <Wegge>	It helps a lot when you end up in an airport somewhere, that you don't have to worry about public transportation.
 20:44:13 <Mike_H>	Wegge, PatriciaR: It's interesting you all picked the same issue
 20:44:15 <Mike_H>	yeah, I think it's good
 20:44:24 <Mike_H>	Stockholm is the air hub for Scandinavia/Nordic countries.
 20:44:34 <Mike_H>	It'll be the easiest to get to from most places in the world and usually the cheapest.
 20:44:36 <MikaelLindmark>	I have to leave for 10-20 minutes
 20:44:52 <MikaelLindmark>	:-/
 20:44:58 <Mike_H>	MikaelLindmark: we'll still be here!
 20:45:16 <MikaelLindmark>	I'll read it later
 20:45:53 <henrik>	Mike_H: Copenhagen is more of the main hub, but Stockholm isn't too bad.
 20:46:04 <Mike_H>	henrik: Sweden has the cheapest air fares.
 20:46:11 <Mike_H>	Denmark is on par with Norway and Finland.
 20:46:23 <henrik>	ok.
 20:46:31 <Mike_H>	anyway
 20:46:33 <Mike_H>	transport
 20:46:35 <Mike_H>	very important
 20:46:40 <PatriciaR>	yes, Copenhagen is the real international airport
 20:46:41 <Mike_H>	and not just for the world travelers
 20:47:06 <Mike_H>	travel from the different countries up north should be a section that's important
 20:47:09 <Mike_H>	and travel for Europeans.
 20:47:17 <Wegge>	Point in case: There's a pretty good train connection from Kastrup to Stockholm, in case it is easier/chaper/convenienter to fly there instead.
 20:48:07 <Mike_H>	Okay
 20:48:15 <Mike_H>	so that's something we would want to focus on, perhaps first.
 20:48:20 <Mike_H>	One thing I think is important is
 20:48:24 <Mike_H>	all the things we need to do in the bid
 20:48:37 <Mike_H>	we need to start parceling out that work now, with a loose deadline (like the end of September).
 20:48:46 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang would probably like to speak more on that.
 20:49:03 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 20:49:46 <Bjelleklang>	although the bid itself is what the jury will read, we also need to do a lot of other work to get everything complete
 20:50:16 <Mike_H>	well, and that other work will also be outlined
 20:50:20 <Mike_H>	it's like when you do a math problem
 20:50:23 <Mike_H>	"show your work"
 20:50:31 <Mike_H>	you outline what you did, always.
 20:50:37 <Bjelleklang>	such as getting in touch with potential sponsors, government organizations to apply for any grants, possible sites to host the conference, etc
 20:51:18 <Mike_H>	okay, what we did in the Atlanta bid
 20:51:20 <Mike_H>	with sponsors
 20:51:21 <Bjelleklang>	everybody can probably not be a part of all that, so we need to find out who will do what in the different countries
 20:51:29 <Mike_H>	is we listed a long list of sponsors unique to our area
 20:51:40 <Mike_H>	and then each of us took some to e-mail or call on the telephone.
 20:52:02 <Mike_H>	I think the Swedes would need to take the Swedish sponsors (which may result in more work for them)
 20:52:07 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 20:52:08 <Mike_H>	and the Norwegians take the Norwegian sponsors
 20:52:09 <Mike_H>	etc etc.
 20:52:11 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 20:52:23 <Mike_H>	however, one important sponsor
 20:52:28 <Mike_H>	who I've had my eye on for a while
 20:52:29 <Mike_H>	is Nokia
 20:52:33 <Mike_H>	and we don't have any Finns on the team yet.
 20:52:48 <Bjelleklang>	I'm not sure if we need it, but having one person to coordinate everything for each country, or sponsors/grants as a whole might not be a bad idea 
 20:53:00 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: like a country leader?
 20:53:23 <CarinaT>	I think that's overkill
 20:53:25 <Bjelleklang>	either that, or one person for all countries
 20:53:27 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 20:53:31 <Bjelleklang>	at least right now
 20:53:31 <Mike_H>	It would be overkill for Denmark
 20:53:32 <CarinaT>	we are only 2 to 3 people each
 20:53:34 <Bjelleklang>	hehe
 20:53:35 <Mike_H>	where there are only two people
 20:53:49 <Mike_H>	I think for Sweden, however
 20:53:52 <Mike_H>	it would not be a bad idea.
 20:53:56 <Mike_H>	They will have more people to contact.
 20:54:08 <Bjelleklang>	I don't think we need one for each country, but we should probably have one person that could be an overall coordinator
 20:54:22 <Mike_H>	I have a name in mind.
 20:54:30 <Mike_H>	I don't know if anyone else is thinking the same thing.
 20:54:49 <Bjelleklang>	keep track of sponsors across the various borders, help outline applications, and so on
 20:54:57 <Mike_H>	I had PatriciaR in mind for that, since she is in Stockholm and in some cases she would be the one to actually meet with people if it came to that.
 20:55:15 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR, does that sound like something you can coordinate? the sponsors?
 20:55:43 <Bjelleklang>	it's important to note that you won't be doing all the work by yourself though ;) 
 20:55:57 <Mike_H>	right, overseeing isn't the same as doing everything on your own
 20:56:09 <PatriciaR>	I guess I can try, it's just doing some oversight
 20:56:11 <Mike_H>	especially with the Swedish stuff, there are still three other people working too
 20:56:16 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: yeah, oversight
 20:56:39 <PatriciaR>	sure, if all agree, i can do that
 20:57:10 <Bjelleklang>	sounds good :)
 20:57:12 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: do you have objections to PatriciaR overseeing the sponsor process? it still lets people work on their own but lets someone keep track of what's going on
 20:57:26 <CarinaT>	no, surely not
 20:57:31 -->	HarryW ( has joined #wikimania-stockholm
 20:57:32 <Mike_H>	okay, then it's settled :)
 20:57:47 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: what else should be delegated?
 20:57:55 <Mike_H>	some work on writing the bid needs to start.
 20:57:57 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 20:57:58 <Mike_H>	what should we start with?
 20:58:06 <Bjelleklang>	one person to oversee the bid itself?
 20:58:13 <Bjelleklang>	is that needed? 
 20:58:39 <Mike_H>	no.
 20:58:42 <Mike_H>	I meant
 20:58:50 <Mike_H>	it would be easier for the bid to come together if it was written in parts
 20:58:56 <Mike_H>	and one part being written by a different person
 20:59:13 <Mike_H>	and another part by another person
 20:59:21 <Mike_H>	so it isn't one person writing some huge thing (like I did for Atlanta)
 20:59:24 <CarinaT>	sounds easyer to overcome then
 20:59:42 <Bjelleklang>	probably
 20:59:51 <Bjelleklang>	we could delegate the various sections
 21:00:01 <Bjelleklang>	for example, one section could be the event itself
 21:00:26 <Mike_H>	right.
 21:00:29 <Bjelleklang>	one could be things such as transportation, accommodation and the logistics needed in Stockholm itself
 21:00:47 <Mike_H>	and not only can we partition who writes it
 21:00:50 <Mike_H>	but if you're writing it
 21:00:58 <Mike_H>	it makes sense that you'll be doing the research and e-mailing about it.
 21:00:59 <PatriciaR>	perhaps divide that into two if it's too much
 21:01:06 <Bjelleklang>	one section could be to find out and write more about how you actually get to Stockholm from any part of the world
 21:01:13 <PatriciaR>	yes, hence a mailing list is handy :)
 21:01:16 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:01:36 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: the Oxford bid has already outlined who is doing what
 21:01:39 <Mike_H>	let me get the link
 21:01:40 <PatriciaR>	one section for Stockholm itself: demographics, climate, history
 21:01:44 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 21:01:44 <Mike_H>	I'll see how they laid it out
 21:01:53 <CarinaT>	then a section about weaknesses and strenghts
 21:01:54 <Bjelleklang>	as well as "things to do while in Stockholm"
 21:02:24 <Mike_H>
 21:02:26 <CarinaT>	but that will probably come together from various parts
 21:02:31 <Mike_H>	I think this is a bit too elaborate for us
 21:02:34 <Bjelleklang>	I think the weaknesses and strengths should be added at the end...basically, we are going to need people not too involved in the actual writing of the bid to look it over, and find weaknesses
 21:02:39 <Mike_H>	but it wouldn't be bad to assign people to various tasks
 21:02:42 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:02:46 <Mike_H>	I don't think a large table is necessary though
 21:03:47 <Mike_H>
 21:03:59 <Mike_H>	My roommate will be putting together an intro clip video for the bid
 21:04:04 <Mike_H>	like an intro clip, five seconds long
 21:04:08 <Mike_H>	It's not necessary
 21:04:11 <Mike_H>	but it will be nice :)
 21:04:18 <Bjelleklang>	we should not have too much overhead in terms of management and administration
 21:04:23 <Bjelleklang>	at least not yet :p
 21:04:25 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: so what I think is important today is
 21:04:31 <Mike_H>	for us to carve out the sections we need in the bid
 21:04:32 <henrik>	PatriciaR: I'll add mailing list info to the page as soon as I have it set up.
 21:04:34 <Mike_H>	and to assign someone to them.
 21:04:41 <Mike_H>	I think we need to do it tonight.
 21:04:42 <PatriciaR>	henrik thanks
 21:04:44 <Mike_H>	And have the deadline be
 21:04:46 <Mike_H>	September 30.
 21:04:51 <Mike_H>	on the first task or so.
 21:04:55 <Bjelleklang>	As I see it, we need 3-4 people responsible for each part of the bid. Patricia will coordinate sponsorships and grants
 21:04:56 <PatriciaR>	yes, let's do that
 21:05:08 <Mike_H>	I think PatriciaR should also coordinate the venue
 21:05:10 <Bjelleklang>	the budget should be a result of the bid itself
 21:05:11 <Mike_H>	since she is the one in Stockholm
 21:05:14 <Bjelleklang>	probably
 21:05:21 <Mike_H>	the budget will be the last thing done
 21:05:27 <Mike_H>	that doesn't have to be planned now.
 21:05:31 <Bjelleklang>	but we can start with sending e-mails to the ones suggested so far
 21:05:41 <Mike_H>	Wegge suggested travel
 21:05:48 <Mike_H>	would he like to be in charge of the transportation section?
 21:05:59 <Bjelleklang>	we don't need to meet up with each of the three venues until we know exactly what they can offer, and what it will cost
 21:06:10 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: right, e-mails are the first step
 21:06:25 <Wegge>	Mike_H I can do that
 21:06:28 <Mike_H>	perfect
 21:06:41 <Mike_H>	Accommodation.
 21:06:51 <Mike_H>	Who would be interested in putting together places for accommodation?
 21:07:34 <Mike_H>	Okay, it's gonna get to the point where I'm just going to yell out names. :P
 21:07:36 <Bjelleklang>	(this will also consist of e-mails atm, we need to find a list of hotels, get prices and then get in touch to discuss any discounts etc)
 21:08:06 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: yes.
 21:08:13 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: why don't you take that?
 21:08:17 <Mike_H>	you sound like you know what to do
 21:08:21 <Bjelleklang>	I think I'd like to do a bit about the event itself; some is already outlined on the talkpage :p
 21:08:44 <Bjelleklang>	but sure, if noone else can, I'll compile a list of hotels
 21:09:00 <Mike_H>
 21:09:04 <Bjelleklang>	but it would probably be preferable if someone speaking swedish could write the actual e-mail to send out
 21:09:04 <Mike_H>	it'll be an easy but boring job
 21:09:05 <Mike_H>	price quotes
 21:09:07 <Mike_H>	specials
 21:09:07 <Mike_H>	etc.
 21:09:12 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 21:09:26 <Mike_H>	Okay
 21:09:31 <Mike_H>	there is a section called "Catering"
 21:09:42 <Mike_H>	and that includes how people will be eating while there
 21:09:48 <Bjelleklang>	that could probably wait for a while
 21:09:48 <Mike_H>	whether we can find a way for them to eat at the conference
 21:10:01 <Bjelleklang>	where people will eat depends on the venue
 21:10:04 <Mike_H>	it can wait until after we've picked which venue
 21:10:08 <Mike_H>	but that will happen fairly soon
 21:10:11 <Mike_H>	so we need a name on it at least.
 21:10:24 <Mike_H>	their job won't start right away
 21:10:29 <Mike_H>	but they need to be assigned to it.
 21:10:45 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: this is a lightweight job that won't require you to actually contact people, just do research
 21:10:53 <Mike_H>	with your schedule, I think it'll be perfect for you, and it won't start right away
 21:10:56 <Mike_H>	would you like to take catering?
 21:11:14 <CarinaT>	yes, i think I can do that
 21:11:31 <Mike_H>	Okay, sounds good.
 21:11:35 <Bjelleklang>	:)
 21:12:13 <Mike_H>	there's a section called Media
 21:12:17 <Bjelleklang>	okay, CarinaT: we'll probably need to cooperate for a bit when the time comes to check out catering
 21:12:25 <Mike_H>	it outlines all the media (print, television, etc.) in the Nordic countries.
 21:12:30 <Bjelleklang>	as the requirements for the venue catering will be the same as for the hotels
 21:12:37 <Mike_H>	it will help to get perhaps sponsorships and media recognition later.
 21:12:40 <CarinaT>	great :9
 21:12:40 <Mike_H>	this is also an easy job.
 21:13:24 <Mike_H>	Laaknor: would you like to take that job? It's one of those things that wouldn't require a lot of in-person work, just research
 21:13:31 <Mike_H>	we'd be shooting for all the media in the Nordic countries
 21:13:35 <Mike_H>
 21:13:39 <Mike_H>	that's an example of what we wrote for Atlanta
 21:14:19 <PatriciaR>	I'm sorry, but I must go away for some 15 min or so, I'll be back as soon as possible
 21:14:27 <Mike_H>	:)
 21:15:03 <Bjelleklang>	wait for a sec, trying to update the news while we're speaking in here :p
 21:15:13 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: ok :)
 21:15:27 <Mike_H>	it'll give time for Laaknor to come back
 21:15:51 <Mike_H>	oh
 21:15:54 <Mike_H>	he'll read the logs later
 21:16:10 <Laaknor>	I'll probably do that
 21:16:11 <Mike_H>	well, he'll be put on that job for now. Jhs is also not here so if they want to swap, they can talk that out amongst themselves
 21:16:17 <Mike_H>	Laaknor: okay, good
 21:16:19 <Laaknor>	*got systems that has crashed on work*
 21:16:24 <Mike_H>	oh, geez!
 21:17:11 |<-- mahadeva has left freenode (Client Quit)
 21:17:27 <Mike_H> okay
 21:17:32 <Mike_H> the next thing to plan is the party.
 21:17:37 <Mike_H> this is a core requirement.
 21:17:38 <Mike_H> there are two parties
 21:17:43 <Mike_H> one for all the attendees
 21:17:48 <Mike_H> and one for VIP.
 21:17:59 <Mike_H> the attendees' party can be held in a different place than the venue
 21:17:59 <CarinaT> who are the VIP's?
 21:18:04 <Mike_H> as long as there can be a bus there
 21:18:29 <Mike_H> CarinaT: the VIPs would be people like Jimmy Wales, Foundation people, the bid team (!! :), media, and sponsors.
 21:18:45 <CarinaT> okay, just good to know :)
 21:18:51 <Mike_H> Wikimania traditionally hosts two parties, one for attendees (capacity of 250-350) and one for sponsors and VIPs (capacity 40-60).
 21:19:20 <Bjelleklang> ah, party planning
 21:19:27 <Mike_H> Since this is something that is best served by someone from Sweden
 21:19:35 <Mike_H> I think we need the next-closest person to Stockholm
 21:19:38 <Mike_H> and that person would be henrik.
 21:19:46 <Mike_H> Would you be okay with planning the parties?
 21:19:53 <Mike_H> and selecting the venues for those parties?
 21:20:03 <Bjelleklang> question: is there any fixed plan for the party?
 21:20:14 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: no. This will be the most creative part of it.
 21:20:16 <Mike_H> Wikimania traditionally hosts two parties, one for attendees (capacity of 250-350) and one for sponsors and VIPs (capacity 40-60).
 21:20:23 <Mike_H> The VIP party is expected to be fancier.
 21:20:27 <Bjelleklang> or is it just a general part, where people can meet, chat and drink?
 21:20:35 <Mike_H> yeah, that's the main attendee party.
 21:20:44 <Mike_H> the VIP party will probably be fancier
 21:20:45 <Mike_H> sit-down
 21:20:45 <henrik> I can give it a whirl. But I expect it'll require some help.
 21:20:45 <Bjelleklang> okay, in that case we need to get in touch with an event planning company
 21:21:05 <Mike_H> henrik: and perhaps the other Swede teammates would be able to do that
 21:21:06 <Mike_H> if you need help, just ask any of us
 21:21:06 <Mike_H> we probably would not mind.
 21:21:14 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: event planning companies cost too much.
 21:21:20 <Mike_H> also
 21:21:20 <Mike_H> if it's a popular venue
 21:21:23 <Mike_H> usually they have those people on staff already.
 21:21:27 <Mike_H> and they can help.
 21:21:27 <Bjelleklang> that would be the best, or alternatively someone renting out/working with sound/light
 21:21:38 <Bjelleklang> yeah, but it depends on the venue
 21:21:40 <Mike_H> When I planned the party at the Carter Center
 21:21:46 <Mike_H> they had a party planner on staff already.
 21:21:47 <Bjelleklang> not all venues would be suitable for having a party
 21:21:57 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: well, I'd imagine they would have a party planner at the Globe.
 21:21:58 <Bjelleklang> yeah, we need a dedicated planner for that
 21:22:31 <Bjelleklang> depends...not everyone renting it need a party ;) I'd imagine that the job is outsourced to a local company
 21:22:34 <Wegge> Suggestion: If the venue is an educational institution, get in touch with the local social club, and ask what they usually do.
 21:22:41 <Bjelleklang> for example
 21:22:45 <Mike_H> Wegge: right.
 21:22:49 <Mike_H> I don't know how it works in Sweden
 21:22:51 <Mike_H> but in the US
 21:22:56 <Mike_H> if you get sponsorship from a student organization
 21:22:57 <Bjelleklang> if it's a university, they are likely to have local student pubs
 21:23:01 <Mike_H> you can get things discounted or free.
 21:23:07 <Bjelleklang> mhm
 21:23:28 <Mike_H> The next section
 21:23:32 <Mike_H> Tourism opportunities.
 21:23:39 <Mike_H> Writing about what there is to see and do in beautiful Stockholm.
 21:23:51 <Mike_H> Jhs knows a bit about that area
 21:23:55 <Mike_H> I will be assigning that section to him.
 21:23:59 <Mike_H> :P
 21:24:11 <Mike_H> and sponsors, we've already gone through that
 21:24:19 <Mike_H> Patricia will be overseeing that and everyone will be contributing
 21:24:27 <Mike_H> Everyone!
 21:24:34 <Mike_H> I'm going to open a sponsorship page
 21:24:35 <Mike_H> and what I want you to do
 21:24:39 <Mike_H> is if you're from a certain country
 21:24:46 <Mike_H> list companies which are nationally or internationally known
 21:24:58 <Mike_H> that way we can get in contact with them to sponsor the event.
 21:25:06 <Mike_H> everyone can do Finland since we have no Finns on the team.
 21:25:29 <Mike_H> Okay, Self-evaluation
 21:25:37 <Mike_H> this can be a VERY long section if you're thorough enough.
 21:26:08 <Bjelleklang> I've got something to say here :p
 21:26:18 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: ok
 21:26:33 <henrik> Alright, lets see if this works:
 21:26:34 <henrik>
 21:26:48 <Bjelleklang> this section should probably be done by someone not too involved in writing the bid! They would be a lot more likely to spot weaknesses and things missing
 21:26:57 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: I agree
 21:27:03 <Mike_H> and I was going to give it to not just one person
 21:27:04 <Mike_H> but two people
 21:27:07 <Bjelleklang> good
 21:27:08 <Mike_H> the final two Swedes left
 21:27:09 <Mike_H> fluff and MikaelLindmark
 21:27:12 <Bjelleklang> :)
 21:27:20 <Mike_H> and then the final section is actually the first section
 21:27:26 <Mike_H>
 21:27:27 <Mike_H> the overview
 21:27:30 <Mike_H> coordinating the intro
 21:27:34 <Mike_H> the translations with the intros
 21:27:36 <Mike_H> the letter to the jury
 21:27:45 <Mike_H> and city details (which we'll pick a date for the event, etc)
 21:27:47 <Mike_H> and I will take that.
 21:27:55 <Mike_H> So I am pretty sure everyone now has a job. :)
 21:28:50 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: now you can finish the news template with the rest of the jobs :D
 21:29:55 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: while you're doing that, I'm going to have a cigarette
 21:30:02 <Mike_H> and when I come back we can continue talking about and finish up the meeting :)
 21:30:25 <Bjelleklang> sure
 21:30:53 <Bjelleklang> okay, I've probably missed some of the assignments...could everyone just have a quick look at the template to see if they are missing?
 21:32:14 <CarinaT> wegge is doing the transport section
 21:32:35 <Wegge> Yes
 21:32:56 <Wegge> Sorry I didn't answer straight away, I had to go search for the template :/
 21:33:33 <Bjelleklang> hehe
 21:35:55 <Bjelleklang> updated
 21:36:49 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: you're missing me!
 21:37:22 <Bjelleklang> oh?
 21:37:28 <Bjelleklang> what was your assignment?
 21:37:39 <Mike_H> I will be coordinating the intro section (there will be a new, more in-depth one, with translations too), the letter to the jury, and deciding with all of you what date we will be having the conference. If at all possible I will also try to line up interested parties for keynote speeches.
 21:37:47 <Bjelleklang> ah, just add it to the list :)
 21:37:50 <Mike_H> ok :)
 21:38:04 <Bjelleklang> btw, about the date
 21:38:12 <Bjelleklang> we should set it as soon as possible
 21:38:21 <CarinaT> indeed
 21:38:34 <Bjelleklang> It's going to be vital knowing the date in order to talk more with _any_ external organization
 21:38:35 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: well
 21:38:40 <Mike_H> why don't we do it now?
 21:38:44 <Bjelleklang> sure
 21:38:45 <Bjelleklang> :)
 21:38:48 <Mike_H> July is the holiday month in Norway
 21:38:51 <Bjelleklang> mhm
 21:38:53 <Mike_H> is it the same in Denmark and Sweden?
 21:39:06 <CarinaT> week 29-31
 21:39:11 <CarinaT> in Denmark
 21:39:22 <Bjelleklang> probably not the best time to have the event
 21:39:50 <Mike_H> Bjelleklang: it'll be the time people will be having vacations
 21:40:01 <Mike_H> it'll be easy for people to make plans to go there and it will be quieter for us to have an event to ourselves.
 21:40:02 <Bjelleklang> yeah
 21:40:02 <CarinaT> but also more expensive
 21:40:13 <Mike_H> It has to be held in July at any rate.
 21:40:14 <Bjelleklang> but at the same time, things will be more expensive just because of that
 21:40:18 <Mike_H> That's just when Wikimania occurs.
 21:40:22 <Bjelleklang> oh?
 21:40:24 <Mike_H> Yes.
 21:40:36 -->| Moushira (n=Moushira@ has joined #wikimania-stockholm
 21:40:47 <Mike_H>	I think we may be able to hold it in the first week in August.
 21:40:56 <Bjelleklang>	that would be somewhat better
 21:41:04 <Mike_H>	That would be Week 32.
 21:41:06 <Bjelleklang>	we shouldn't think of this as a conference just for wikipedians
 21:41:07 <Mike_H>	August 1-7, 2010.
 21:41:12 <Mike_H>	I agree.
 21:41:30 <Bjelleklang>	this is just as much a conference for people working within IT and other related areas
 21:41:38 <Mike_H>	We can start on a Thursday
 21:41:41 <Mike_H>	and end on a Sunday.
 21:41:44 <Mike_H>	which in 2010
 21:41:47 <Mike_H>	will be the dates...
 21:41:48 <Mike_H>	August 5-8.
 21:41:55 <Bjelleklang>	having the conference when all of them are on vacation might not be a good idea :p
 21:42:01 <Bjelleklang>	that would be good
 21:42:09 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: do you like August 5-8?
 21:42:17 <Bjelleklang>	"# Dates should be from the beginning of July to mid August and should include a weekend."
 21:42:17 <CarinaT>	yes I do :D
 21:42:23 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: that will be important
 21:42:30 <Mike_H>	when you do research for venues and ask for prices
 21:42:35 <Mike_H>	you will ask for August 5-8, 2010.
 21:42:40 <PatriciaR>	ok
 21:42:41 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:42:46 <Bjelleklang>	alternatively, one week earlier
 21:42:51 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: yes.
 21:42:55 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: but that reminds me
 21:43:02 <Bjelleklang>	one week later, and we risk conflicting with schools starting up again
 21:43:03 <Mike_H>	please correct the banner tonight
 21:43:07 <Bjelleklang>	ah, yes
 21:43:07 <Mike_H>	change the Danish translation to
 21:43:09 <Mike_H>	"vi er sammen!"
 21:43:13 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:43:17 <Mike_H>	and add the date to the banner
 21:43:20 <Mike_H>	August 5-8, 2010.
 21:43:50 <Mike_H>	translate it into the other languages on the banner if you feel it's important :)
 21:44:06 <Bjelleklang>	nah
 21:44:11 <Mike_H>	I didn't think so either
 21:44:15 <Mike_H>	but I just wanted to throw it out there
 21:44:21 <Bjelleklang>	will take too much space
 21:44:37 <Bjelleklang>	and also; if anyone comes across a better image, please let me know!
 21:44:47 <Mike_H>	yeah
 21:44:59 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: can you do those alterations tonight to the banner?
 21:46:21 <Bjelleklang>	already done them :)
 21:46:25 <Bjelleklang>	uploading it now
 21:47:01 <Mike_H>	:)
 21:47:04 *	Mike_H hugs Bjelleklang
 21:47:05 <henrik>	Bjelleklang: You could also include the link to mailing list info on the news. I added it to the bid page already, but it'd be nice to have on the news template as well.
 21:47:17 <Mike_H>	henrik: I can do it
 21:47:22 <Mike_H>	I still have to add my stuff there anyway
 21:47:32 <henrik>	ok
 21:49:02 <Mike_H>	oh
 21:49:05 <Mike_H>	another thing that's important
 21:49:14 <Mike_H>	that we should probably announce the news template and that we had our first meeting
 21:49:23 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:49:29 <Mike_H>	on Tinget/Bybrunnen/Landsbybronden/Kahvihuone/Potturinn etc etc etc etc.
 21:49:29 <Mike_H>	:D
 21:49:36 <PatriciaR>	where are we distributing the template right now? the nordic projects?
 21:49:44 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: plus en
 21:49:48 <PatriciaR>	pedias only or all?
 21:49:57 <CarinaT>	only pedias
 21:50:23 <Bjelleklang>	listed on meta
 21:50:28 <PatriciaR>	we should expand to other projects, I think
 21:50:32 <CarinaT>	I don't know about the other nordic sister projects but ours are almost inactive so it wouldn't matter
 21:51:09 <Bjelleklang>	currently: meta, en, da, nn, no, sv, is and fi
 21:51:34 <CarinaT>	but surely we can announce it, and then they will just have to look on the pedias
 21:51:37 <PatriciaR>	should do Commons too :)
 21:51:42 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 21:51:51 <PatriciaR>	that would be great :)
 21:52:04 <Bjelleklang>	if anyone have other place to export it, just do it and mention it on the top of the template at meta :)
 21:52:06 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: oh
 21:52:10 <Mike_H>	I just thought
 21:52:14 <Bjelleklang>	ok, uploaded the banner now
 21:52:19 <Mike_H>	you could replace the WMF logo with the Swedish Wikimania logo
 21:52:26 <Mike_H>	I should have said it before you uploaded :(
 21:52:29 <Bjelleklang>	hehe
 21:52:59 <Bjelleklang>	I'd rather not for the moment...the WM logo is much more known, and we don't have any official backing from WM:SV yet
 21:53:33 <Bjelleklang>	the wikimedia logo can be justified as this is a wikimedia conference, but I'd like to avoid having the swedish logo there until we have official backing
 21:54:13 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: WM Sweden doesn't own the colors to the Swedish flag, you know.
 21:54:16 <Mike_H>	It's an unofficial emblem. :P
 21:54:39 <CarinaT>	any more adds to the template before we start translating the new stuff?
 21:54:45 <PatriciaR>	still, it's a nordic countries bid
 21:54:48 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: sorry
 21:54:48 <Mike_H>	yes
 21:54:49 <Mike_H>	there is
 21:54:52 <Mike_H>	I haven't added mine yet
 21:54:53 <PatriciaR>	let's keep it neutral ;)
 21:54:59 <CarinaT>	okay, I wait
 21:55:15 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: Jon Harald created the Swedish logo
 21:55:17 <Mike_H>	I think it's cute, actually :)
 21:56:06 <Bjelleklang>	btw, please note that I've included some <noinclude> tags in the template...just so we don't transclude older news to all the pages that use the template
 21:56:30 <henrik>	I like the current logo, it looks professional and very much in Scandinavian simplicity style.
 21:57:11 <CarinaT>	I just think like PatriciaR that it's the nordic countries not only sweden...
 21:57:27 <Mike_H>	but it's going to be held in Sweden.
 21:57:42 <Mike_H>	I mean, we've been fairly inclusive about EVERYTHING else
 21:57:48 <PatriciaR>	and I think it's a bit of a sensitive issue, if we're doing nordic countries, let's do it balanced (historical reasons, etc)
 21:58:27 <CarinaT>	yes, that's exactely what I mean - with everything else we are saying "we are one"
 21:58:56 <henrik>	We could always hold a competition on all the nordic wikis and see if anyone can come up with a better one :)
 21:59:05 <Bjelleklang>	are we still on the banner? :p
 21:59:11 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: not anymore
 21:59:13 <Bjelleklang>	ah
 21:59:38 <Bjelleklang>	wm:sv logo then?
 21:59:56 <Mike_H>	I mean, each country can have one.
 22:00:08 <Mike_H>	that way everyone has one.
 22:00:19 <Mike_H>	Denmark's can be red with the bottom half being outlined black and white inside
 22:00:22 <Bjelleklang>	hmm
 22:00:28 <Mike_H>	Finland's being outlined black and white inside, and then blue
 22:00:31 <Mike_H>	etc etc.
 22:01:42 <PatriciaR>	wait I'm lost, we're not talking about a logo in the banner, but an independent logo?
 22:01:49 <Mike_H>
 22:01:53 <Mike_H>	that logo
 22:01:58 <Mike_H>	I thought people had problems with that logo.
 22:02:00 <Bjelleklang>	ah, after finally having caught up to the discussion...:
 22:02:17 <Mike_H>	we've been using it on all the templates
 22:02:23 <PatriciaR>	aaaahhh
 22:03:05 <Bjelleklang>	the banner needs to be reworked when WM:SE (and NO) officially backs us
 22:03:13 <Mike_H>	oh yeah.
 22:03:16 <Mike_H>	that's not that important right now.
 22:03:21 <Bjelleklang>	nope
 22:03:31 <PatriciaR>	hm,  to have different logos depending on the country I think it's not a good idea either , it's an image issue
 22:03:34 <Bjelleklang>	the wm:SE logo isn't something we should use until that time
 22:03:45 <Mike_H>	Oh, nobody brought up WM SE's logo
 22:03:53 <Mike_H>	I was talking about the Wikimania logo with blue and yellow
 22:03:56 <Bjelleklang>	having seperate logos for each country would only be confusing
 22:03:56 <Mike_H>	nobody cares about that?
 22:03:57 <Bjelleklang>	ah
 22:03:58 <Mike_H>	if not then we're good
 22:04:10 <Bjelleklang>	ok
 22:04:17 <Mike_H>	I misunderstood
 22:04:17 <Mike_H>	:)
 22:04:32 <Bjelleklang>	:)
 22:04:58 <PatriciaR>	no, I think that could be blue and yellow... it's way too simple to be arguing about colours
 22:05:10 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: ah!
 22:05:13 <Mike_H>	you're missing people from the template
 22:05:26 <Bjelleklang>	if something is missing, please add it :)
 22:05:38 <Mike_H>	I'm trying to figure out what's missing :<
 22:05:38 <Bjelleklang>	things went a bit fast when we discussed everything :p
 22:05:50 <Mike_H>	Lars!
 22:05:56 <Mike_H>	I knew we were missing someone.
 22:07:38 <Mike_H>	done
 22:07:41 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: you can translate now.
 22:07:53 <PatriciaR>	henrik: can we start subscribing the mailing list?
 22:08:00 <CarinaT>	thank you Mike_H :)
 22:08:07 <henrik>	PatriciaR: yeah. Give it a try and let me know if you run into problems.
 22:08:10 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: I just did a save
 22:08:12 <Mike_H>	so it's good NOW
 22:08:13 <Mike_H>	:D
 22:08:57 <henrik>	Speaking of the party, there are a lot of possible, very famous, venues: For example, hiring the Blue hall at the city hall (where they have the Nobel Prize banquet every year) costs ~$7k.
 22:09:25 <Bjelleklang>	that's kind of expensive...
 22:09:30 <Bjelleklang>	imo
 22:09:52 <Bjelleklang>	we should check with whatever venue we end up with to see what they can offer
 22:09:52 <Mike_H>	henrik: let me pull up my cost figures for the party
 22:10:05 <Wegge>	unless the council could be persuaded to provide it for free as a sponsorship
 22:10:38 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: actually
 22:10:38 <henrik>	Oh, definitely - it was just an example (it doesn't get much fancier than the Nobel Prize banquet). And of course it depends on how much sponsorship we can pull in.
 22:10:40 <Mike_H>	as weird as it sounds
 22:10:45 <Mike_H>	the Atlanta party would be around that much.
 22:10:50 <Mike_H>	Proof of the Pudding is the cocktail reception caterer, unique to the Carter Center, and a contract needs to be worked out with them; prices usually start at $30/head. Price quotes for the lobby of the center: $3,000. Add'l room would be an extra $1,200.
 22:11:10 <Bjelleklang>	yeah, the party itself
 22:11:11 <Mike_H>	the VIP party is less expensive because there are fewer people
 22:11:17 <Mike_H>	but I think we budgeted the party to be $10,000
 22:11:20 <Bjelleklang>	but here we're talking about that amount for location only
 22:11:20 <Mike_H>	$8,000 for the main party
 22:11:22 <Mike_H>	and $2,000 for VIP
 22:11:29 <Mike_H>	oh, location!
 22:11:30 <Mike_H>	oh, no.
 22:11:37 <Mike_H>	The location was about half of the $8,000
 22:11:43 <Mike_H>	the rest being actual food.
 22:11:45 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 22:11:48 <PatriciaR>	how many people have attended the general parties before
 22:11:48 <PatriciaR>	?
 22:11:57 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: basically the same amount of people who go.
 22:12:00 <Mike_H>	to Wikimania.
 22:12:07 <Mike_H>	a few hundred.
 22:12:08 <Bjelleklang>	but that $7000 was for renting the hall itself, not the rest of the party
 22:12:09 <Mike_H>	300-400
 22:12:14 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: yeah, I got it
 22:12:25 <Bjelleklang>	we should check out the venue first, see if they've got a hall big enough and not used for the convention
 22:12:32 <Bjelleklang>	if they do, we are likely to get it cheap
 22:12:59 <henrik>	It's a shame we don't have any people connected to any of the universities in Stockholm.
 22:13:16 <PatriciaR>	actually... :D
 22:13:22 <henrik>	PatriciaR: or do we? :)
 22:13:27 <PatriciaR>	we do :)
 22:13:32 <PatriciaR>	I'll snoop around
 22:13:34 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: which one do you work at?
 22:14:16 <Bjelleklang>	and if so, we can spend some money on decorations instead...a little lights and decoration can do miracles; I've done several concerts in garages and workhalls, but they looked like a real venue after we were done rigging ;)
 22:14:16 <PatriciaR>	well, I am a bit hesitant in giving too many details about my whereabouts...
 22:14:24 <Bjelleklang>	hehe
 22:14:31 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: Oh, that's fine, if you just want to tell me in pm
 22:14:33 <Mike_H>	so it's not in the log
 22:14:34 <Mike_H>	you can do that
 22:14:38 <PatriciaR>	ok
 22:15:48 <Mike_H>	and one thing to consider
 22:15:54 <Mike_H>	even if we hold it at one university
 22:16:05 <Mike_H>	we can do a partnership and use resources from another university if they like the idea too
 22:16:13 <Mike_H>	like Stockholm University --> KTH
 22:16:14 <Mike_H>	or vice versa
 22:16:14 <henrik>	Talking to the Royal Library might be a good idea.
 22:16:16 <henrik>	too
 22:16:24 <Bjelleklang>	sure
 22:16:30 <Mike_H>	because we had both universities on the list right now
 22:16:53 <Bjelleklang>	this is a conference that is likely to be interesting for their employees as well
 22:17:07 <PatriciaR>	both KTH and SU have good places to hold major conferences
 22:17:28 <Mike_H>	It's important to go with the school that is most enthusiastic.
 22:17:37 <Mike_H>	It can be HELL doing a bid where the school just doesn't care.
 22:17:46 <Mike_H>	Georgia Tech did not really care that Wikimania would have been held in Atlanta.
 22:18:00 <Mike_H>	We ended up getting more support from a school that was hundreds of miles away.
 22:18:09 <Mike_H>	If I had known that going in, I would have done the bid there.
 22:18:18 <Mike_H>	So it's important to get connections and enthusiasm NOW.
 22:18:39 <PatriciaR>	it's very much up to us to present the event as a great thing, so they get motivated
 22:19:09 <Bjelleklang>	i agree
 22:19:15 <Mike_H>	right
 22:19:22 <Mike_H>	and that's why I think the theme of unity is really good.
 22:19:31 <Mike_H>	not only are the five countries and six Wiki-communities uniting as one
 22:19:34 <Mike_H>	but aren't we all?
 22:19:40 <Mike_H>	in the search for contributing free knowledge?
 22:19:42 <Mike_H>	:)
 22:19:55 <PatriciaR>	now I'm going to cry ;)
 22:20:04 *	Mike_H boohoos and hugs PatriciaR.
 22:20:07 <Mike_H>	:D
 22:20:30 <PatriciaR>	people, we've been meeting for over two hours now, should we try to wrap it up?
 22:20:37 <Bjelleklang>	yeah
 22:20:44 <Mike_H>	I can conclude for tonight if everyone else is ready.
 22:20:46 <Bjelleklang>	people got work and school in the morning :)
 22:20:48 <Bjelleklang>	wait
 22:20:52 <Bjelleklang>	I've got one more thing :p
 22:21:04 <Mike_H>	ok!
 22:21:07 <Bjelleklang>	we should agree on a fixed meeting for each week
 22:22:17 <henrik>	Thursdays at 20:00 CET works well for me, both now and in the future.
 22:22:20 <Bjelleklang>	if this is okay with everyone, I'd like to suggest the same day and time as for today
 22:22:22 <Bjelleklang>	:)
 22:22:27 <Wegge>	Fine with me
 22:22:39 <Mike_H>	hahaha
 22:22:44 <Mike_H>	it's 2 p.m. for me every Thursday :D
 22:23:26 <PatriciaR>	it's ok for me, but I may be a bit late for the meetings (15 min or so)
 22:23:37 <PatriciaR>	I'm not sure, wait a minute
 22:23:51 <Mike_H>	PatriciaR: well
 22:23:59 <Mike_H>	we will probably be starting them a little late anyway
 22:24:05 <Mike_H>	I have a bad time getting ready and organized :D
 22:24:57 <Bjelleklang>	ok guys, i'll unmute the channel now to see if anyone else have something to say :)
 22:25:09 <Mike_H>	Bjelleklang: oh
 22:25:11 <Mike_H>	and you can stop the logging now
 22:25:13 <CarinaT>	is it settled with thursdays at 8 then?
 22:25:14 <Mike_H>	since our meeting is over
 22:25:16 <Mike_H>	CarinaT: yes
 22:25:21 <CarinaT>	allright
 22:25:21 <Mike_H>	8 in NO/SE/DK
 22:25:22 <Mike_H>	6 in IS
 22:25:23 <Bjelleklang>	mhm
 22:25:23 <Mike_H>	9 in FI
 22:25:29 <Mike_H>	2 in E.US :(