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Title of the submission
Knowledge equity in education: a case study

Author(s) of the submission
Ilario and Agnese Marchesini
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Wikimedia CH

Main theme
Knowledge equity
Type of session
teachers, students and wikipedians
Length of session
max 20 minutes
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Wikimedia CH is working together with some associations of blind or visually impaired (i.e. albino people) to learn from them how Wikipedia is accessible AND usable for them and what can be improved. The analysis is done looking at them as passive and active users and doesn't take in consideration the Mediawiki software but mainly how the content is presented. The experience started analyzing their problems because several people, affected by these disabilities, leave universities and schools or they don't produce expected results. The final result is to have demotivated students and tecahers and professors not able to face this problem. In Italy is started for long time a plan of "inclusivity" at school and in some Swiss cantons some experiences in that direction have been taken. The final goal of the project is to demonstrate that Wikimedia projects are "friends" of these students with "Special Educational Needs" and to sensibilize the Wikimedia community that there are still people who are not able to contribute to Wikimedia projects cause their disabilities.

The panel will have one tester of the Wikimedia projects part of the group of the association of blind or visually impaired.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. We would share the results of the first year of discussion with blind associations in tems of education.
Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Wikimedians, wikipedians and all people interested to apply Wikimedia projects in the context of educations applied to people with special needs. In this case it does not mean only disability but also specific psycological blocks.

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