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New Dimensions in Wiki Education and Partnerships with AfroCROWD

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Sherry Antoine

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United States

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AfroCROWD User Group

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Partnering with teachers for inclusive Wikipedia education projects involving multimedia, language and culture.
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AfroCROWD i.e. Afro Free Culture Crowdsourcing Wikimedia Usergroup (AfroCROWD) is an outreach initiative which seeks to increase awareness of the Wikimedia and free knowledge, culture and software movements among potential editors of African descent. Since 2015 we have held monthly events in the Wikimedia community starting first int he New York area with edit-a-thons, and now with organizers and partners in different parts of the world. A central part of our work and partnership has been working with educators and educational institutions. We have learned a lot in our work with Wikimedia and education and have partnered in the past to help create programs with educators involving Wikimedia and helping to train educators as we did at NYU and the students at places like the New School. We also worked with educators at Laguardia Community College in Queens, New York to help pioneer the translate-a-thon and with educators at Columbia University also in New York to form an oral history project that together with fellow organizers WikiTongues, pioneer the oral knowledge record-a-thon. We have many more ideas. This presentation will cover some of our work with education and the lessons learned. Whether you see Wikimedia as an Open educational resources (OER) or as creating OER content, it can't be denied that Wikimedia projects provide extraordinarily valuable and innovative tools for educators and anyone looking to expand the bounds of knowledge in every corner of the world and for everyone of every background with or without access to technology. That is exciting and we want to work with anyone who is also interested in this. We are looking forward to a very interactive event.

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