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Progress of the Taiwanese Aboriginal Language Wikipedia

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ALCD(Center for Aboriginal Languages, Cultures and eDucation)
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National Chengchi University

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how we make it happen
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Since 2014, the Center for Aboriginal Studies at National Chengchi University (ALCD-NCCU) has conducted the “Aboriginal Language Wikipedia Project” on behalf of the Ministry of Education. It is hoped that the aboriginal language version of Wikipedia will be established through this project to reactivate and revitalize these languages in interest of adding further diversity to global languages. Since the usage rate of aboriginal languages is quite low, it is not easy to establish the aboriginal languages of Taiwan as an official language for Wikipedia. To address this difficulty, the ALCD has held 28 writing workshops and entry writing studies, 18 regular gatherings, 7 publicity campaigns, and a press conference, while also having conducted other projects like the “Endangered Language Revitalization Project,” which lists Wikipedia as a daily assignment to enable more writers’ participation in collaborative writing and maintaining the active state of the wiki-incubator. Though still in the incubation stage, these three wiki-incubators (’Amis Wikipedia, Atayal Wikipedia, and Sakizaya Wikipedia) have been included in the active list as best records. Currently, while the Atayal Wikipedia is still on the active list, the Sakizaya Wikipedia has fulfilled conditions to be listed as an official Wiki. However, due to a dispute in the SIL language code, the program has yet to complete the name change, so the Sakizaya Wikipedia has been temporarily transferred to the stalled list.

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The ALCD hopes that readers will learn through our experiences how to manage aboriginal communities, and how to employ Wikipedia to achieve the goal of preserving and passing on aboriginal languages. In Taiwan, aborigines make up a small proportion of Taiwanese population, and even fewer people are capable of writing in the aboriginal languages. Our continuous effort thus remains in attempting to strengthen the activeness of Taiwan’s aboriginal languages. If you have similar experiences in the successful revitalization of languages, we welcome you to share with us.

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