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School and University Wikipedia Outreach programmes of Tamilnadu Government

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Thamizhpparithi Maari
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Periyar University, Salem, India.

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School and University Wikipedia Outreach Programs of Tamilnadu Government
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Presentation, experience sharing
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15 minutes
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Introduction I am working in the capacity of Assistant Professor in the Department of Journalism and mass communication in Periyar University, Salem, India. During 20155- 2017 The University deputed me to the Tamil Virtual Academy for felicitating open culture initiatives. I have felicitated the following initiatives. Tamil Virtual Academy implementing its initiatives in four viz., 1. Tamil Computing Outreach, 2. Wikimedia education, 3. Tamil computing research and Development and 4. Digitization. Some initiatives with Tamil Wikipedia and School/ University Education:

   1. Sensitized above 40 thousand teachers to edit Tamil Wikipedia.
   2. Conducted Tamil Wikipedia editing workshops in 32 districts of Tamilnadu.
   3. Introduced Open Knowledge Club in Periyar University.
   4. Introduced supportive courses to students to enable open knowledge and open source.
   5. Uploaded above 4400 media files for enable open culture, i.e- audio files , GLAM files and etc.
   6. TVA has signed MoU with Tamil Wikipedia 
   7. Shared above 0.5 million pages to Tamil Wikisource under CC BY 0 licence of Tamil and English academic, literature, science books.
   8. A workshop on Content development for Tamil Wikimedia has been conducted on 22 and 23/08/2015 
   9. A workshop on open source media content has been conducted on 29 and 30/08/2015 
   10. Grants team of Wikimedia Foundation has visited Tamil Virtual Academy and observed the outreach activities of TVA on 04.02.2016 
   11. An International workshop on Wikimedia Technical Skill Development has been conducted 29,30 April and May 01, 2016 
   12. Conducted Workshop on E- Content Development with special focus to Wikimedia projects. 
   13. Conducted basic sensitization programme to edit Wikimedia projects in 85 educational institutions. 
   14. During the book exhibitions TVA collaborating with Tamil Wikipedia and sensitizing the community on Wikimedia projects and open knowledge.

I will share my knowledge about Wikimedia and Education initiatives.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?

Felicitated the Tamilnadu Government to include Wikimedia activities in the regular activity. Included the open culture sylubus in the University. I am mentoring as coordinator and building the capacities of students under "Open Knowledge Club"

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University teachers, School teachers, students

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