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Wikimedia+Education Conference 2019/Submissions/Shifting in Academic Attitudes on Wikipedia

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Shifting in Academic Attitudes on Wikipedia

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Venus Lui
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Berlin, Germany/ Hong Kong
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Main theme
Type of session
free knowledge for the world/how we make it happen
Teachers/Students(Mainly tertiary level)
Length of session
20 mins, with 10-15 mins for discussion
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Wikipedia is a very important website to the student in the tertiary level, and they use Wikipedia a lot for academic purposes. Most students would like to get information from Wikipedia when doing their assignments. However, there was a scandal in Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination back in 2013 where some students were caught with plagiarism by using Wikipedia. They copied the information from the website directly, thus they got disqualified. At the same time, many professors/teachers do not allow their students to use Wikipedia as the references as they believe that the website is not reliable. In my presentation, I will talk about the importance of teaching the students how to use Wikipedia with correct attitude, and also the idea/methods of encouraging professors/teachers to change their mind about the students using the website. I attended some Education Conferences previously, and I had some discussions with professors from different countries about Wikipedia for academic purposes. I would like to share the results at the conference and also propose some new methods for us to approach more potential academic organisations.
How does your proposal adds knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?

I believe that approaching new organisations to seek for cooperations are difficult, and with my proposal/presentation, it can help us build up the connection with the potential organisations in an easier way.

Who is the intended ideal audience for the topic?

Teachers/Students(Mainly tertiary level)

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