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Starting the first Technical Education Program

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Open Foundation West Africa

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Lightning talk
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5 min
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The Education Program has been a key avenue to showcasing how Wikipedia fits into education and also provides a means for students to contribute to the worlds largest encyclopaedia. In spite of this feet or achievement, there is a growing need for technical volunteers to support in the myriad of technical issues and wish lists of the community. Even though the current Education Program model serves a wide category of participants (students), often technical students who can make special contributions to our projects are left behind. Expanding the current Education Program model to include persons with technical interests or abilities can be instrumental in growing our technical volunteer base to provide support on movement wide technical issues. These new recruits through the education program can also be of great support to their respective communities and countries.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education?
  1. It recruits a different set of volunteers to our movement that support the core of all our projects.
  2. It creates an opportunity for computer science students to learn about Mediawiki and how to use the open source software.
  3. It showcases Mediawiki and increases its presence and relevance.
  4. It provides more volunteer hands to support technical issues and wish lists in our movement.
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Community leaders, Education Program Leaders, Developers, Computer Science Students and anyone who may be interested in the subject area.

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